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A deed given by the government to a private individual as evidence of title transfer from the government to the private person
Patent Deed
An insurance policy that protects the named insured against loss or damage due to defect in the property's title
Title Insurance
Party to whom a lease is assigned or transferred
Transfer of the entire leasehold interest for a lease from the original lessee to the assignee
A lease; personal property
Chattel Real
An estate of a tenant or renter; a leasehold
A summary of all relevant documents discovered in a title search
Abstract of Title
A signed statement, made before a notary public, by a named person confirming the signature on a document and that it was made of free will
A chronological history of property's ownership
Chain of Title
Written directions, signed by a buyer and a seller, detailing the procedures necessary to close a transaction and directing the escrow agent how to proceed
Escrow Instructions
A document in real estate
Deeds used by the U.S. Government when confirming or transferring ownership to private parties