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pH down bicarbonates down
metabolic acidosis
Vitiam K
made by intestinal Flora
Blood clotting
GL veggies
signs of FVE
weight gain
what is a hypertonic solution
higher molecular concentration than cells have shrinks (create) use with pt with edema
Position helps pts with breathin problems when straight up in bed
pH down bicarbonate same
respiratory acidosis
q8 hr
every 8 hrs around the clock
q 6
every 6 hrs around the clock
every 4 hrs around the clock
2 times a day during waking hrs
3 times during waking hrs
4 times during waking hrs
veggie that is a complete protein
pinto beans
Potassium K
maintains fluid & acid-base balance
regulates muscle activity
fruits red meats dairy coffee
muscle especially the heart
Sodium Na
regulates fluid balance
regulates cell membrane
regulates nerve transmission
table salt
mental confusion
Aids on bone & teeth formation
involved in energy metabolism
regulates acid-base balance
ensures structure in cell membrane
fish, beef, pork, poultry
cheese legums milk carbonated bev
disturbed acid-base
aids in teeth and bone formation
promotes muscle contration & relaxation
aids in blood clotting, nerve transmission promotes normal heart rythm
needs Vitaim D
dairy green leafy veggie
Folic acid
necessary for RNA & DNA promotes amino acid metabolism Blood cell formation
green leafy veggies milk eggs yeast
Aids in oxidation promotes CHO
aids tissue protein building
meats poultry fish legumes grains peanuts
Promotes CHO
Ensures normal nervous system function
enrich grains and cerals, pork legumes
beriberi mental confusion anorexia muscle weakness
promotes blood formation
maintains nervous system
chicken fish pork eggs whole gree
maintenance of myelin sheath
healthy Blood cells
organ meat seafood eggs dairy
Vitamin A
Aids in night vision
promotes bones and teeth
fish oil,carrots, swt potatoes
g lefy veggies
Vitamin D
Bone metabolism
sunshine, egg yolk,dairy,
Vitamin C
waterBuilds /maintains strong tissue
wound healing, enhanses iron absorption
stess/ smoking needs incrase
Vitamin E
cell membrane intergrity
protects RBC from hemolysys
Veg oils GL vegs
what is isotonic solutions
same molecular concentration as cells have. 0.9% NaCl
what are some signs of FVD
lower BP increase P & R thrist postural hypotension caused by vomitting, diarrhea and hemorrahaging
to large of BP cuff will
will give false low reading
hypoventilation is a sign of
acidosis low pH
shortess of breath difficult breathing
Bp cuff to small will
gives false elevated reading
what is pulse deficit
difference between radial and apical
what is the movement of air into and out of the lungs
what is the most affective way to check for NG tube placement?
aspiration of tube lisen for whoosh
check pH
What does Rein do
released by kidneys involved with raising BP
what does aldosterone do
released by adrenal glands
conserves NA and H2O
average intake of fluids
what is the reason for checking pulse deficit
irregular heart rate
when is a doppler used
pulse is not palpable or no audible BP
when are glucose test usually orded
before or after meals
major intracellular fluid
regulates muscles especiall the heart
orla intake
hyperventillation is a sign of
hypermagnesemia is seen in what pt's
renal failure
orthostatic hypotension
low BP upon standing
abnormal rhythemic pattern
positonal breating discomfort associated with lying down
slow breathing
heart beats less than 60
hear beats more than 100 beats min
abnormally rapid breathing
what foods are high in folate
dk green vegetables, lentils, asparagus, cerals, milk eggs
what is best to use when percise concentration of 02 is needed
venturi mask
when is the best time for postural drainage
before meals
what is the saftest rate of O2 for a person with lung disease
1-2 liters
what is a hypotonic solution
fewer soulutes than cells have
causes cells to swell
use for extremely dehydrated pt
why do you introduce water before and after feedings with NG tube
to flush tube
what is the best reason to check residual for NG tube?
to assess how well pt is digesting nutrients
what is the purpose of a soft diet
concers with upper GI
What is the best nursing order for someone with stomach pains?
to ambulate
average respiration
12-24 average 20
pulse average
60-100 72 average
average BP
Average systolic