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What is a word typed into a cell called?
a label
How is a spreadsheet organized?
Into rows and columns
What does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
What must one have in order for telecommunications to take place?
the necessary hardware and software
Test scores are an example of what type of data in a spreadsheet?
numeric data
What is the location called where rows and columns intersect?
a cell
What must you use in a database program in order to input birthday information?
the field date
What are three things a spreadsheet consists of?
formula, value and label
What is the study of what the world will be like in five, ten or more years from now based n what we know about technology today?
What is the correct order for word processing activities?
enter text
What are two examples of input devices?
keyboard and mouse
What are two examples of output devices?
printer and monitor
What does a modem allow?
computer-to-computer communication over a phone line
What is best described as information entered into the computer?
What is two or more programs working together called?
What does a database consist of?
a group of records
What stores the same information as a database program?
a file cabinet
What sends messages from one person to another via a computer network?
What is the process of loading from a disk into the computer memory for word processing called?
What does it mean to delete text?
What feature in word processing allows you to continue typing from one line to the next?
What do you press in a word processing program to indicate a new paragraph?
Return or Enter
What is PowerPoint an example of?
a slide show program
What must you use to create sound and effects in a PowerPoint program?
Custom animation
What must you use in a PowerPoint program to set the timing between each slide?
the device slide transition
What do the letters RAM stand for?
Random Access Memory
What agency is in charge of telecommunications?
Federal Communications Commission