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Affirmative action (AA)
Steps taken to remedy discriminatory practices in the workplace. The plans guarantee employees the constitutional rights of free speech, due process (the right to fair and equal treatment in law and organizational policy), and privacy. AA has evolved through presidential executive orders and court cases.
Occurs when people act on their prejudices and treat others unfairly.
Doctrine of comparable worth
States that people holding different jobs that require comparable knowledge, skills, and responsibilities should receive the same pay and benefits.
Drug-free workplace
A workplace in which illegal drug use is not tolerated, and the employer is able to claim that illegal drugs are not being used.
Employment-at-will (EAW)
A common law doctrine stating that employers have the right to hire, fire, promote, or demote any employee they choose at any time, unless there is a law or specific written contract to the contrary.
Equal opportunity employment (EOE)
The responsibilities and obligations that organizations have to ensure that all human resource management objectives, policies, procedures, and specific rules are developed and administered to ensure that every potential and present employee is treated fairly, regardless of race, gender, color, age, religion, or national origin.
Glass ceiling
Occurs when a member of a minority group or female reaches what appears to be a limit to further promotion.
Hostile environment
An extension of sexual harassment to the entire environment or a sustained atmosphere of threat, discrimination, hostility, and discomfort not related to sexual aggression.
Can occur when too many people of the same background, interests, and cultural orientation become associated with an organization.
An attitude about an individual or group of people that is based on a selected set of characteristics rather than the person.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment
Type of harassment in which a sexual favor is exchanged for promotion, favorable or special treatment, or the job itself. Means "Do me a favor and I'll do one for you".
The process of locating, identifying, and attracting qualified applicants to fill positions within an organization.
A global term that refers to any discharge by the employer or voluntary act by the employee, such as moving on to a new job, retirement, or furlough as well as the more restricted term "termination" that usually refers to being fired.
Sexual harassment
Any conduct involving the "unwanted imposition of sexual requirements in a relationship of unequal power".
The act of being discharged from an organization, or being "fired".
Occurs when one of a few minority or female candidates are promoted and the management takes the attitude, "Now we have met our responsibilities".