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Dutifull, distinguished man, chivalrous, followed truth, honor, generosity, and courtesy. Chrisian, rode in many battle. perfect gentle-knight. He possesed fine horses, but was not gaily dressed. Wore a armour stained tunic. Just home from service, and he joined the pilgramage.
Knight's son. Ladies' man. Blonde, curly hair. 20 years old. Wonderfull agility and strength. some service w/ cavalry, valliantly serving in hope to win an lady. could sing, flute, ride a horse well, joust, fight, dance, draw and write. Very good lover, slept very little, courteous, lowly and servicable.
Squire's servant. Wore all green. had peacock feathered arrows, bright and keen. were neatly seathed. had bow. Head was like a nut. Brown face. Knew the whole forest. wore a brace for arrows. Medal of st. Christopher. Hunting horn. proper forester
Prioress. Simple and coy. By st. Loy! Madam Eglantyne. sang with fine intoning nasal voice. spoke dainlily in french. Ate like was expected-no food spilled. Pleasant and friendly. seemed dignified in all her dealings. Charatable and solicitous. Elegant nose, grey eyes. small mouth. wore a coral trinket on her arm. Golden broach
secretary to 1st nun. riding w/ three priests too.
Liked hunting. Whisteled loudly. Atypical. Disagreed w/ views that monks could not hunt. uncloistered. Had greyhounds. Spared no expense for hunting. Wore a cloak with fine grey fur trim. fastened at the chin with a wrought-gold pin fashoned like a lover's knot. He was bald, and his face shone as if it had been greased. Fat, personable priest. Prominent eyebals never sayed still, Glittered.
Merry. Very festive. Noble pillar to his order. Had a licese to pardon from pope. Sweetly heard his penitents as long as they gave him a gift. kept his tippet full with pins for curl. and pocket knives to give to girls. had a gay and sturdy voice. sand well. His neck was whiter than a lily flower, but was strong. Knew the taverns in every town, and the inkeepers and barmaids better than lepers, beggars, and the like. Treated them like scum. Only liked rich and victual sellers. Greedy. He was the finest begger of the batch. Even took money from old women. did everything for money. more like a doctor than a pope. eyes shone when he played the harp or sung. name was HUBERT
Forked beard and motley dress. sat high on his horse. had a flemish beaver hat. daintily buckled boots. spoke in solemn tones. harped on his increase of capital. Expert at dabbling in exchanges. was in debt, but none knew. Except for this, he was an excelent fellow.
Oxford Cleric
Still a student. Rode a thin horse. not to fat. had a hollow look, a sober stare. the thread on his overcoat was bare.