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What are the two muscles indicated, and what are their actions?
Temporalis and Masseter- both used for mastication
What two muscles are indicated in this image? What are their actions?
Frontalis and Platysma- both used in facial expressions. (Frontalis elevates the forehead.)
Name the muscle and give its action

adducts leg, flexes stifle, extends hip and hock
Name the muscle and give its action

flexes stifle, extends hock
Name this muscle and give its action.
Sacrocaudalis Dorsalis Lateralis

extends, lifts, lateral flexion of tail
Name this muscle and give its action.
Sacrocaudalis Dorsalis Medialis

extends, lifts, lateral flextion of tail
Name this muscle and give its action.

extends hip, stifle
(can also flex stifle depending on stifle position)
Name this muscle (and the two parts shown) and give its action.
Iliocostalis system (thoracis and lumborum)

lateral flexion, stabilizes spine, exhalation
Name this muscle (and the three parts shown) and give its action.
Longissimus (capitis, cervicis, and throracolumbar)

some actions: stablizes spine, extends and rotates neck
Name this muscle and give its action.

Extends hip and hock, flexes stifle
What muscles act to extend the hip?
not pictured: Gracilis
Which muscles act to abduct the leg?
Superficial and middle gluts and biceps femoris
Which muscles extend the stifle?
Quads, sartorius, biceps femoris, Semimembranosus
Which muscles flex the stifle?
not pictured: Gracilis
Which muscles extend the hock?
not pictured: Gracilis
Which muscles flex the hock?
Cranial tibial and long digital extensor
Which muscles act to adduct the leg?
Gracilis and adductor
Which muscle extends and rotates the neck?
Which muscles stablize the spine and flex it laterally?
Iliocostalis and Longissimus
Which muscles act to flex the hip?
Iliopsoas, Quad (rectus femoris), Sartorius
Which muscle rotates the hip?
Middle gluteal
What 5 muscles insert into the calcaneal tendon?
not pictured: Gracilis

[cats also have the Soleus muscle]
What are the equivalent of hamstrings in the dog?
Biceps Femoris, Semitendinosus and semimembranosus
What muscles extend and flex the tail?
Sacrocaudalis Dorsalis Lateralis and Sacrocaudalis Dorsalis Medialis
Which muscle rotates the hind paw?
Cranial tibial
Which muscle extends the hind digits?
Long digital extensor
Which muscle flexes the hind digits?
Deep digital flexor
(and superficial digital flexor, not shown)
What muscles does a dog use to wag his tail?
Sacrocaudalis Dorsalis Medialis and Lateralis
What muscles does a dog use to lift his hind leg to pee on a tree?
Superficial and middle gluts, biceps femoris
What hind leg muscle attaches to the vertebral column (and therefore can flex the spine?)
What are the 4 muscles that make up the Quadriceps?
Rectus Femoris
Vastus Lateralis
Vastus Intermedius
Vastus Medials
Quads cover a lot of area
What tendon is equivalent to the achilles tendon in humans?
Calcanean tendon
What muscles would a dog use to chew on a Kong?
Masseter and Temporalis
What are two muscles a dog would use to smile and raise his eyebrows?
Smile: platysma
Raise brows: Frontalis