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Family Compact
-powerful ruling group in Upper Canada
-members came from established families often of loyalist origin
-members believed that the upper class should rule and distrusted the common people
-managed affairs, filed offices, overrode officials
Chateau Clique
-worked same as family compact
-in lower canada
-met at governor's residence in Chateau St Louis
Louis Joseph Papineau
-leader in lower canada
-he was elected speaker of the assembly
-radical reformer and lawyer
-1834, made 92 resolutions
-fled to US
-wanted american style democracy
-starts a rebellion in lower canada
Alien Question
-Marshall Spring Bidwell was expelled from assembly because son of an american
-as a result, movement began in assembly to pass a law proctecting settler's of american origin
-compact delayed its passage
Clergy reserves
-large areas of wilderness
-church recieved income from the lands
-added fuel to the grievances of getting farms, the privledges of the church of england, and power of oligarchy
Parti Patriotes
-French canadiens
-wanted to ensure the cultural survival of rench canadien majority and give them political power
William Lyon Mackenzie
-scottish immigrant
-radical reformer
-wrote editorials that angered the elites
-advocated american style democracy in which councils and assembly elected by the people
-member of the assembly
-drew up 7 grievances
-inspired by rebellion in lower canada and makes own in upper
-he and his followers gathered at Montgomerys Tavern and planned on seizing the capital and overthrowing government, but failed, fled to US
Joseph Howe
-moderate reformer in Nova Scotia
-editor of the novascotian
-wanted responsible government and firm ties with britain
-argued that the nova scotians should have the same rights as british
-through his efforts, nova scotia because 1st resp. government in british empire
-opposed confederation in "botheration letters"
Lord Durham
-sent to canada to become governor general of all british north america
-made a report for the british government over the inquiry of the rebellions on 1837
-in exchange of 140 jailed patriotes he exiled leaders of rebellions to bermuda but overrided by government so he resigned back to england
Durham Report
-it said that the family compact was blocking the development of upper canada
-also said that there were two warring nations in the bosom of lower canada
-recommended that there be a seperation of imperial and local affairs
-recommended uniting lower and upper canada in order to assimilate the french into the english majority
-recommended that a form of responsible government be put in place
east canada
-lower canada after union act of 1841
-mainly french
west canada
-upper canada after union act of 1841
-mainly english
rebellion losses bill
-a bill to pay the people in lower canada for losses suffered during the rebellion of 1837
-tories called it a payment for rebellion and urged elgin not to sign it
-elgin signed and bill passed
-tories riot in montreal destroying parliment building
act of union 1841
-united upper and lower canada
-made 1 governor, 1 elected assembly, and 1 language (enlgish) in legislature
92 Resolutions
-made by Louis Joseph Papineau
-critized oligarchic system
-suggested colonial revenues be controlled by assembly
-suggested the assembly elect the council
-british government rejected it
Louis LaFontaine
-from canada east
-decided had to work with the english reformers in canada west if they wanted to keep french culture
-prevented from voting because of english mob so withdrew his name
-took Baldwins fathers seat and formed coalition with Baldwin for resp government
-sponsored the rebellion losses bill
-formed the first resp government in the combined colony
Robert Baldwin
-from canada west
-forced to resign from office when governor refused resp government
-convinced his father to resign from North York so Lafontaine could take his seat
-also ran and won election
-formed a coalition with lafontaine for resp government
-formed the first resp government in the combined colony
George Etienne Cartier
-was a parti patriote in his youth and had fled to US
-returned to montreal and elected into assembly
-lawyer for grand trunk railway
-formed coalition with macdonald and brown to unite all BNA
-wanted transcontinental railways
John A MacDonald
-lost wife and infant son
-wanted transcontinental railways
-formed coalition with cartier and brown to unite BNA
George Brown
-born in scotland
-antifrench and anticatholic
-publisher of Globe newspaper
-against MacDonald
-urged rep by pop
-formed coalition with macdonald and cartier to unite all british north america into new nation
Three Angry Men
-Louis Joseph Papineau
-Joseph Howe
-William Lyon Mackenzie
Corn Laws
-by repealing the corn laws britain ended mercantilism with canada because could get wheat cheaper elsewhere
-repealed to establish freer trade elsewhere such as US
-trade became continental not colonial