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What is a constitutional monarchy?
a regime which is monarchial by law, but democratic by convention.
What does Letter Patent mean?
Signed by King George in 1947, under which the governor general has the right to exercise all powers and authorities belonging to the crown in respect of Canada.
governor general
What are the two functions of a givernor general in our regime?
Reserve powers and ceremonial funcions.
What is the first reserve power?
To name the prime minister.
What is the second reserve power?
to dismiss a prime minister who attempts to goverrn without the confidence of the house.
What is the third reserve power?
to make appointments including appointments to the judiciary and to the Senate.
What is the fourth reserve power?
the power to "dissolve" Parliament and call elections.
Why do Canadians have little sense of the existence of the reserve powers of the govermor general?
Because they are rarely used.
Queens Privy Council of Canada
advises the governor general in the exercise of his or her powers.
What is collective responsibility?
the idea that cabinet must function as a team to develop,implement, and take responsibility for public policy.
what are orders-in-council?
orders given by the governor general acting on the advise of his or her Privy Council.
What must a cabinet minister do if he or she is not prepared to defend a position taken by cabinet.
They must resign.
What is the PMO's responsibility?
It is responsible for monitoring the general public situation and giving the Prime minister political advise.
who staffs the Privy Coucnil Office?
non-partisan career civil servants.
The PCO serves as a...
secretariat to the council.
The PCO...
facilitates the collective work of the cabinet by organizing and providing logistical support for its meetings and its committees. Also serves to give policy advice to the prime minister and cabinet.
The PCO is headed by...
the Chief Clerk of the Privy Council, who is the highest ranking civil servant in the country.
What is the deputy prime ministers job?
Assist the PM in his or her duties and serves as second in command to the prime-minister.
What two branches is the civil service devided into?
line departments and central agencies
line departments consist of what?
a majority of the workers in the civil service, ministries like Transportation, Health,Foreign Affairs, which provide service to the general public.
Central agencies are
A smaller group such as the PCO and the Treasury Board, these are bodies that engage in the coordination of government policy rather than in the deliver of particular services to the public.
ministerial responsibility
According to this principle, the minister who heads each department must be accountable to the House of Commons for the conduct of each and every civil servant working in that department.
Ministerial responsibility is to avoid...
the abuse of power