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As a result of the Treaty of Paris (1763) New France became a ________ _______.
British possession
The Quebec Act had many long-term effects on Canadian history because...
it allowed the French to keep their language, religion, institutions, and laws.
Canada's first prime minister was...
John A. Macdonald
The two major reformers that brought about the Rebellions of 1837 were:
Upper Canada: William Lyon Mackenzie
Lower Canada: Louis Papineau
What the reformers wanted the most in 1837 was ________ ________.
Responsible government.
The Act which served as Canada's constitution for over 100 years was the...
British North American Act (B.N.A Act)
The Act which created Canada by joining the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick was the...
British North American Act (B.N.A Act)
The 13 colonies gained their independence in ____ after the ________ __________
1783, American Revolution
As a result of the American revolution the _______ came to Canada. The French didn't support the American Revolution because they were treated well by the British.
When the Loyalists came to Canada the British passed the __________ to reflect the new nature of Canada.
Constitutional Act
The Act which joined Upper and Lower Canada was called ________ (1841).
Act of Union
After the Rebellions of 1837 the British government sent Lord Durham to investigate. His findings were published in the ______ _______.
Durham Report.
Three conferences were held to decide on the idea of Confederation. Name them in order.
Canada became a nation in...
July 1, 1867
In 1812-1814 Canada fought a war against the...
United States