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name Canada's four Atlantic maritime provinces
Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
what does maritime mean
relating to the ocean
what is the capital of Newfoundland
St. John's
What is the capital of Prince Edward Island
What is the capital of Nova Scotia
What is the capital of New Brunswick
what is the major industry of interest in Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island is the fictional home of who?
heroine -- Anne of Green Gables
What does Nova Scotia mean?
Latin for New Scotland
What are the names of Canada's Three Territories
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
What is the capital of Yukon Territory
What is the capital of the Northwest Territories
What is the capital of the Nunavut Territory
What is the highest mountain in Canada, where is it and how high is it?
Mt. Logan at 19,580 ft above sea level in the Yukon Territory
What is the highest and second highest mountain in North America
Mt. McKinley in Alaska is the highest and Mt. Logan in the Yukon Territory is the second highest (only 500 ft shorter than Mt. McKinley
What is the largest lake in Canada and where is it located
Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories
What are the four largest lakes in North America
In order of size:
Lake Superior
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Great Bear Lake
When was the Nunavut Territory created
Where did the Nunavut Territory come from
out of the enormous Northwest Territories
What is the racial majority of the population of the Nunavut Territory
85% Inuit (Eskimo)
What is the percentage of the Inuit population in Canada
What Canadian provinces border the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway
Ontario and Quebec
What is the capital of Ontario
What is the capital of Quebec
Quebec City
What is Canada's most famous river/seaway
St. Lawrence Seaway
What province is the St. Lawrence Seaway in?
What mountains are found in Quebec
What big event happens in Quebec
Winter Carnival (similar to the Sapporo ice Festival -- huge ice sculptures, ice slides, parade, etc)
What province is the city of Montreal located
What is the underground city in montreal
1700 stores, 4 stories deep, 200 restaurants, subway stations, ice palace, etc
What famous body of water is found in Ontario
Niagra Falls
Where is Niagra Falls located
borders on Ontario and New York State
What is the capital of canada and what province is it located in?
Ottawa located in Ontario
how is Canada divided up
10 provinces and 3 territories
what are the 10 provinces of Canada?
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Labrador, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, British Columbia
What is Canada's largest (land wise) province
What is Canada's largest (population wise) province
Where do most Canadians live?
2/3 live in Ontario and Quebec -- 85% live within 185 miles of the US border
What countries are larger than Canada
Only Russia is larger in land mass than Canada
how does Canada rank as far as population with the rest of the countries of the world
Canada is 31st in size of population
What is the population of Canada
32 million
What state of the USA has the same population as the entire country of Canada
California -- both have a population of 32 million
What are the official languages of Canada
English and French
What is the national anthem of Canada
What is the national song of Canada
God Save the Queen
What is the national symbol of Canada
red maple leaf which symbolizes vast forests
who is Canada's largest trading partner
what are Canada's four main industries
Forestry, Mining, Agriculture and Fishing
What was one of Canada's historic industries
fur trading
what does coureurs de bois mean
runners of the woods
What are Canada's most famous bodies of water
Hudson Bay and the St. Lawrence Seaway
What is the National Bird of Canada
Blue Jay
What is the name of the Canadian Baseball Team
Toronto Blue Jays
What is the national animal of Canada
What are the most popular sports in Canada
hockey and basketball
what sport originated in Canada
15000 BCE
Asians follow herds of animals across the temporary land bridge during the last Ice Age
1000 CE
Viking Leif Eriksson lands in Vineland (Wineland because of the grapes probably found there) -- probably Newfoundland
5 years after Columbus, John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto from Italy) explores Canada's east coast for England
Jacques Cartier lands on the Gasp' Pennisula, explores the Gulf of St. Lawrence and claims the area for France
Samuel de Champlain founds capital city of Quebec for France. Lake Champlain is named for him.
Englishman Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay
Montreal, Quebec is founded by Maisonneuve, though Cartier claimed the land from the top of Mt. Royal much earlier (Mont Royal = Montreal
Treat of Ultrecht -- France surrenders much of eastern Canada to the British
Treaty of Paris -- France surrenders almost all of Canada to the British. this ends the French and Indian wars
Klondike gold rush in the Yukon Territory
Canada gains almost full soverignty
the st. lawrence seaway opens
Trans Canada Highway is completed -- Canada's first ocean to ocean road
serious separatist actions in quebec
3/5 of the people in Quebec vote to remain in Canada
new constitution -- Canada is completely independent of Britain (ends constitutional amendment oversights)
Nunavut Territory is created out of vast Northwest Territories
What is Canada's westernmost province
British Columbia
What is the capital of British Columbia
What mountains are found in British Columbia
the Rockies, which continue through Alaska
What is the lowest recorded temperature in British Columbia
-74 degrees
Where is the capital of British Columbia located?
Victoria is located on Vancouver Island
What famous city is located in British Columbia
Vancouver, located on the Mainland
What are Canada's three prairie provinces
Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
What is the capital of Alberta
What is the capital of Manitoba?
What is the capital of Saskatchewan
What mountains are found in Alberta
The Rockies continue into Alberta
What event happens in Alberta
the Calgary Stampede in Calgary includes a rodeo and state fair type of activities
what famous site is found in Alberta
West Edmondton Mall -- largest in the world. 800 stores, waterpark like seaworld, ice palace, putt-putt golf, amusement park, 108 football fields long
What are the major industries of Saskatchewan
wheat and oil
What is the nickname of saskatchewan
canada's breadbasket -- 3/5 of canada's farming happens here
What are two towns found in saskatchewan with funny names
elbow and eyebrow
what is a saskatoon
a fruit like a blueberry
what is Saskatoon?
a city in saskachewan