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Most bryophytes, such as mosses, differ from all other plants in that they _____
lack vascular tissue
The eggs of seed plants are fertilized within ovules, and the ovules then develop into _____
A pea pod is formed from ____. A pea inside the pod is formed from ____.
an ovary ... an ovule
The diploid generation of the plant life cycle always _____.
produces spores
Name one way in which seeds have advantages over spores.
seeds contain the young plants, an abundant food supply, and a protective covering
Which evolutionary advance gave the gymnosperms an adaptive advantage at the time they were evolving?
True or False: All seed plants are heterosporous
Both gymnosperms and angiosperms have _____.
pollen, seeds, and ovules.
True or False: Gymnosperms produce seeds that are totally exposed
An explorer found a plant that had roots, stems, and leaves. It had no flowers but produced seeds. This plant sounds like a _______
How does fertilization occur in a confier?
A pollen grain carried by wind carries a sperm that fertilizes the egg.
True or False: The male gametophyte in pine is commonly known as the microspore
(it's known as pollen)
True or False: Conifers usually bear both male and female cones on the same tree
True or False:
Pollen is diploid and contains spores.
(haploid...sperm nuclei)
True or False:
All gametophytes are single celled
(All gametophytes are haploid)
The defining reproductive adaptation of angiosperms is the __________.
The portion of the flower that receives the pollen is the _____.
In the process of pollination, pollen grains are transferred from the _____ to the _____.
What are the male floral parts?
stamens: anthers and filaments
The "male" structures of angiosperms are called __________, and they produce __________.
anthers ... pollen
The "female" structures of angiosperms are called __________, and they produce __________.
carpels ... ovules
True or False:
A fruit is a mature ovary
After fertilization, the _____ develops into a seed and the _____ develops into a fruit.
ovule ... ovary
Aggregate fruit is formed from __________; simple fruit is formed from _______; and multiple fruit is formed from ________.
single flower with several separate ovaries ... a single ovary ... the fusion of ovaries of separate flowers
What is the function of fruits?
to protect and disperse the seeds
What do the "mono-" and "-di-" refer to in "monocots" and "dicots"?
the number of "seed leaves"
In a flowering plant, meiosis occurs within the _____, producing a spore that develops into a female gametophyte.
If a leaf cell in a potato plant contains 48 chromosomes, a sperm cell in a pollen grain would contain how many chromosomes?
True or False: A megasporocyte is diploid.
The pollen tube releases two sperm cells into the embryo sac. The result of this is the _____.
union of one sperm nucleus with the egg nucleus while the other sperm nucleus unites with the nuclei of the center cell, forming a triploid nucleus
The triploid nucleus of the embryo sac develops into the _____.
What is endosperm?
stored food in a seed
Unlike gymnosperms, angiosperms have _____.
Give an example of coevolution
Some plants have evolved to attract specific animals. The animal receives a meal and the plant is assured that its pollen will not be wasted on plants of different species. Through time, the plant gets better at attracting that animal and the animal gets more specialized for feeding on that plant.
True or False:
At current rates of deforestation, tropical rain forests will be eliminated in 15 years.
False (25 years)
You find a wildflower that has large, brilliantly colored petals, but it has no odor. What can you deduce about its pollinators?
Its pollinators locate flowers by visual cues rather than by smell.
Most of the seeds used for human consumption come from __________.
What is the function of double fertilization (according to a hypothesis)?
It synchronizes the development of food storage in the seed with development of the embryo. It is an adaptation that prevents flowering plants from squandering nutrients on infertile ovules.
Which compound is used as a pupil dilator in eye exams? What source is it derived from?
Atropine; Belladonna plant
Which compound is used in heart medication? What source is it derived from?
Digitalin; Foxglove
Which compound is used as a an ingerdient in cough medicines? What source is it derived from?
Menthol; Eucalyptus tree
Which compound is used as a pain reliever? What source is it derived from?
Morphine; Opium Poppy
Which compound is used as a malaria preventive? What source is it derived from?
Quinine; Quinine tree
Which compound is used as an ovarian cancer drug? What source is it derived from?
Taxol; Pacific yew
Which compound is used as a muscle relaxant during surgery? What source is it derived from?
Tubocuranine; Curare tree
Which compound is used as a Leukemia drug? What source is it derived from?
Vinblastine; Periwinkle
Name some representatives of major angiosperm clades.
Amborella, water lily, star anise, orchid, california poppy
Name some representatives of phylum confierophyta
douglas fir, sequoia, cypress, pacific yew, common juniper, loblolly pine, wollemia pine
Describe the sporophyte/gametophyte relationship in bryophytes
Gametophyte life cycle is dominant; the dependent sporophyte is nourished by the gametophyte as it grows out of the archegonium
Describe the sporophyte/gametophyte relationship in ferns
the sporophyte is the dominant generation; gametophytes are small, photosynthetic, and free-living.
Describe the sporophyte/gametophyte seed plants
gametophytes are surrounded by tissues of sporophyte, from which the gametophyte derives nutrition. Gametophyte develops within the confines of a spore
Where is plant diversity the greatest?
tropical forests
Where would you find a megasporangium in an angiosperm?
within an ovule contained within an ovary of a flower
Evidence that Amobrella may represent the only survivor of the odlest branch of the angiosperm lineage comes from
the lack of vessels in its xylem tissue
True or False: Ovaries are common to both angiosperms and gymnosperms
What do mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperms have in common?
What do ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperms have in common?
vascular tissue