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How many acres did a Roman fortress usually cover?
what was the Principia? Where was it located?
The Headquarters, located at the center of the camp/fortress.
What was the Praetorium?
The living quarters of the commanding office.
What was the Valetudinarium?
The Hospital.
What was stored at the Horrea?
Gran. Twas the granary.
How were the streets and buildings organized in a Roman camp?
Organized like a grid.
What was the Via Praetoria, and where did lie?
The via praetoria was the one of the three main gates in a Roman Castra. It ran from the main gate to the front entrance of the principia.
Where did the Via principalis lie?
This street made a cross with the Via Praetoria, and ran the width of the camp, right in front of the principia.
Where was the via quintana?
The via quintana passed behind the principia, running the width of the castra.
What was a Vallum?
A vallum is a earth mound/wall that surrounds the fort.
How were towers set up along the edge of the Castra?
Towers were placed at the corners of the camp, and spaced out along the Vallum.
Where were gates located in the Castra?
Each side of the fort had a fortified gate.
Where was the Basilica of the fort located? and what happened there?
The basilica was located in the principia (headquarters). The commander worked with his officers here, and interviewed people/administered military justice.
What was the Sacellum?
This was the chapel, and contained the standard of the legion.
What was the standard of a legion called? And what did it look like/represent?
Aquila. Image of an eagle perched on top of a pole. Clutched golden darts, made of gold. Represented the legion's spirit.
Besides holding the aquila, what other work was done in the Sacellum?
Administrative work. All the legions paper work was done here. As well as containing a strong-room containing pay/savings.
What is a Domus Urbana?
An Italian styled house/villa.
The praetorium (commanders house) was very luxerious, what were some reasons they did this?
Local civilian leaders could see the attractions of Roman Civilization.
How many men did the barracks house?
5,000 to 6,000 men.
Define Contubernium.
This is an eight-man section of a barrack.
Could soldiers marry?
Legally, no. But soldiers did have unofficial marriages and unions.
What was the Amphitheater outside of the Castra used for?
Ceremonial parades, weapon training, displays of tactics, and occasional gladiatorial shows.
Define Vici
Settlements outside of forts, that gradually develop into towns.