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Dizziness, aggravated by anger, irritability, flushed face, red eyes, tinnitus, bitter taste in mouth, dream-disturbed sleep.
Dizziness - Hyperactivity of LIVER YANG

T: Red w/ yellow coating.
P: String-taut, rapid.

GB 20, UB 28, UB 23, KD 3, LV 2
Loud hiccups, epi and ab distension, anorexia.
Hiccup- Retention of Food.

T: Thick, sticky coat
P: Rolling, forceful

UB-17, REN-12, PC-6, S-36, REN-14, INNER-NEITING
Persistence of distention and fullness in the abdomen, which is aggravated by pressure, abdominal pain, belching, foul breath, dark yellow urine, constipation, sometimes associated with fever, vomiting
Abdominal Distention - Excess Condition

T: Thick, yellow coating
P: Rolling, rapid and forceful

REN-12, ST-25, ST-36, ST-37, LI-4, REN-6, SP-9
Abdominal distention relieved by pressure, borborygmus, loose stools, loss of appetite, lassitude, listlessness, clear urine
Abdominal Distention: Deficiency Condition

T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Forceless

REN-12, ST-25, ST-36, ST-37, REN-4, SP-3 (moxa)
Continual hiccups, distending pain and feeling of oppression in chest and ribs.
Hiccup - Stag of Qi

T: Thin coat
P: Forceful

UB-17, REN-12, PC-6, S-36, REN-17, LIV-3
Lustrous yellow skin and sclera, fever, thirst, scanty dark yellow urine, heaviness of the body, fullness in the abdomen, stuffiness of the chest, nausea

T- yellow, sticky coating
P- string-taugt, rapid

SP 9, ST 36, UB 18, UB 19, DU 9,
+LV-3, GB-34 (Yang Jaundice)
Sallow (green yellow color) skin, heaviness of the body, weakness, loss of appetite, epigastric stuffiness, lassitude, aversion to cold, absence of thirst

T- pale w/ thick , white coating
P- deep slow,

SP 9, ST 36, UB 18, UB 19, DU 9,
+ UB 20, UB 48 (yin jaundice)
Slow and foreceul hiccups, which may be relieved by heat and worse w/ cold, discomfort in epigastrium.
Hiccup - Cold in Stomach

T: White, moist coat
P: Slow

UB-17, REN-12, PC-6, ST-36, REN-13 (moxa)
Cupping: UB 17, UB 18, UB 46, REN 12, ST 18
Cough, itching of the throat, thin and white sputum, aversion to cold, fever, anhidrosis, headache, nasal obstruction and discharge.
Cough - Wind-Cold:

T: Thin, white coat
P: Superficial

LU-7, LI-4, UB-13 (MOXA)
Pain swelling of throat - add LU 11
Insidious onset of edema, first pedis dorsum or eyelids, then over entire body, esp remarkable below lumbar region, sallow complexion, averion to cold, cold limbs, soreness of back and loins, general weakness, epi fulness, ab distention, loss appetite, loose stools

T: pale w/ white coating
P: deep, thready

(moxa) UB 20, UB 23, REN 9, KD 7, REN 4, (no moxa) ST 36.
Facial puffiness: Du 26
Edema on pedis dorsum: GB 41, SP 5
Sudden onset of violent abdominal pain which is better w/ warmth and worse with cold, loose stool, NO thirst, clear and profuse urine, cold limbs.
Abdominal Pain - Accumulation of Cold.

T: Thin, white coat
P: deep, tense, or deep, slow

REN-12, REN-8, S-36, SP-4
presence of calculi in the urine, dysuria, dark turbid urine, or sudden interrutpion of urine, unbearable pricking pain during urination, pain of lumbas and ab, or presence of blood in urine

dysura- painful urination.
Urination disturbance. (LIN syndrome)

dysuria d/t Calculi.

T: normal
P: none noted

fucking cam, thinks this is normal, thats why normal T, etc, - b/c calculi sounds all sophisticated. bLAH

Pts - UB 28, R 3, SP 9, UB 39
Cough with yellow, thick sputum, choking cough, thirst, SORE THROAT, fever, or headache, aversion to wind, sweating.
Cough - Wind-Heat:

T: Thin, yellow coat
P: Superficial, rapid

LU-7, LI-4, UB-13
+LU 11 - Pain, swelling in throat
+DU 14, SJ 5 - Fever & aversion to cold
Difficult and hesitant urination, fullness and pain of lower abdomen.
Dysuria d/t Qi Dysfunction

T: Thin, white coating
P: Deep, string-taut

UB 28, REN 3, SP 9, LV 2.
Intermittend dull pain which is better w/ warmth and pressure and worse with cold or by hunger and fatigue, lassitude, aversion to cold.
Abdominal Pain- Hypo-activity of SP yang

T: Thin, white coat
P: Deep , thready

B-20, B-21, REN-12, LIV-13, REN-6, ST-36 (MOXA)
cloudy urine w/ milky or creamy appearance, urethral buring pain in urination.
Urination Disturbance - Dysuria with Milky Urine.

T: Red, w/ "sticky" coating
P: Thready, rapid

UB 28, REN 3, SP 9, UB 23, KD 6.
Inability for penis to erect, complicated with bitter teaste in mouthi, thirst, hot and dark red urine, soreness and weakness of lower extremities.
Impotence - Downward Flowing of Damp-Heat

T: Yellow, sticky coating
P: Soft, rapid

REN 3, SP 6, SP 9, ST 36.
Epigastric and abdominal distending pain which is aggravated by pressure, anorexia, foul belching and sour regurgitation, or abdominal pain with diarrhea and relieved after shitting.
Abdominal Pain – Retention of Food.

T: Sticky coat
P: Rolling

REN-12, S-25, REN-6, S-36, INNER-NEITING
due to damange of Ki after prolonged ilness, indulgent sexual activity or stubborn noctural emission, freq spermatorrhea at day or night, desire for sex, palor , lassitude, listlessness
Seminal emission - spermatorrhea (male form of leaukorrea)

T- pale
P - deep, thready

Points - UB 23, K 12 (assist control of essence ), SP 6, Ren 4, Ren 6.
Dry cough without sputum or with scanty sputum, dryness of the nose and throat, sore throat, spitting blood or even coughing blood, afternoon fever, malar flush.
Cough - Dryness of Lung w/ Yin Xu

T: Red w/ thin coat
P: Thready, rapid.

UB-13, LU-1, LU-7, KD-6
Coughing Blood: UB-17, LU 6
Palpitations, fear and fright, irritability, restlessness, dream disturbed sleep, anorexia
Palpitations - Disturbance of the mind

T: white, thin coating
Ph-heat - yellow, sticky

P - little rapid
Ph-heat - rolling, rapid.

UB 15, Ren 14, HT 7, HT 6, +P 5, GB 40
Phlegm: St 40 + UB 19 (together dissolve phlegm and heat)

ph - st 30 + ub 19 (together disolve ph and heat)
Watery diarrhea, abdominal pain and borborygmus, chilliness which responds to warmth, no thirst.
Diarrhea Acute – Cold-Dampness.

T: pale /w white coat
P: deep, slow

ST-25, ST-36, REN-12, REN-6 (MOXA w/ Ginger)
Palpitations, expectoration of muccoid sputum, fullness in the chest and epigastric region, lassitude, weakness, cold extremeties
Palpitations - Retention of harmful fluids.
(accumulated damp that depletes heart YANG)

T- white coating
P- string taut, rolling.

UB 15, Ren 14, HT 7, P 6, +Ren 9, Ren 4, Ren 8, SP 9.
(Reduce first, then reinforce w/ moxa)
Cough with thin sputum, rapid breathing, accompanied by chills, fever, headache and anhidrosis (absence of sweating) at the early stage, absence of thirst.
Asthma - Wind-Cold

T: White coat
P: Superficial, tense

UB-13, UB-12 (cup UB 12 & UB 13), DU-14, LU-7, LI-4 (moxa)
Sudden onset, irritability, easy to anger, insomnia, loss of appetite, folowedy by excesive motor activity with increased energy and violent behaviors
Manic/Depressive Disorders - Manic

T: yellow, sticky coating
P- string taut, rolling, rapid.

Du 14, Du 16, Du 26, P 6, ST 40.
Diarrhea with abdominal pain, yellow, hot fetid stool, burning anus, scanty urine, or accompanied by general feverish, thirst.
Diarrhea Acute- Damp-Heat

T: Yellow, sticky coat
P: Rolling, rapid.

ST-25, ST-36, ST-44, S-9
Rapid and short breathing, strong and coarse voice, cough with thick yellow sputum, sensation of chest stuffiness, fever, restlessness, dryness of mouth.
Asthma - Phlegm-heat

T: Thick, yellow or sticky coat
P: Rolling, rapid.

UB-13, DINGCHUAN, REN-22, LU-5, ST-40
Abdominal pain better after shitting, borborygmus, diarrhea with fetid stools, epigastric and abdominal fullness and distention, belching, anorexia.
Diarrhea Acute - Retention of Food.

T: Thick, filthy coat
P: Rolling, rapid or deep, string taut.

Dyspnea on exertion after long-standing asthma, severe wheezing, in-drawing of the soft tissues of the neck, SOB, lassitude and weakness, sweating, cold limbs.
Asthma- Kidney Deficiency

T: Pale
P: Deep, thready

KD-3, UB-23, UB-13, REN-17, REN-6
Persistent Asthma: (Moxa) DU 12, UB 43
Sp Deficiency: (Moxa) REN 12, UB 20
Loose stool with undigested food, anorexia, epigastric distress after eating, sallow complexion, lassitude.
Diarrhea Chronic - Spleen Deficiency

T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Thready, foreceless
UB-20, LIV-13, SP-3, REN-12, S-36 (REN 12, ST 36 MOXA)
Distending pain in the epigastrium, aggravated on pressure or after meals, belching with fetid odor, anorexia
Epigastric pain: Retention of Food

T: Thick, sticky coat
P: Deep, forceful or rolling

Pain below the umbillicus, bororygmi and diarrhea usually occurring at dawn, relieved after shitting and worse with cold, ab distention sometimes cold lower extmremeis
Diarrhea Chronic - Kidney Deficiency

T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Deep, forceless

UB-23, UB-20 (moxa), DU-4, REN-4, KD-3, ST-36
Paroxysmal pain in the epigastrium, radiating to the hypochondriac region, frequent belching accompanied by nausea, vomiting, acid regurgitation, abdominal distension, anorexia
Epigastric pain: Attack of the Stomach by Liver Qi

T: Thin, white coat
P: Deep, string taut

REN-12, PC-6, ST-36, LV-14, LV-3
Dull pain in the epigastrium which may be relieved by pressure and warmth, general lassitude, regurgitation of thin fluid.
Epigastric pain: Deficiency of the Stomach with Stagnation of Cold

T: Thin, white coat
P: Deep, slow

REN-12, PC-6, ST-36 (moxa), SP 4, REN-6 , UB 20 (moxa),
Acid fermented vomitus, epigastric and abdominal distension, belching, anorexia, loose stool or constipation,
Vomiting – Retention of Food

T-thick, granular
P-rolling, forceful.

REN 12, ST 36, PC 6, SP 4, +REN 10
Vomiting, acid regurgitation, frequent belching, distending pain in the chest and hypochondriac regions, irritability with an oppressed feeling.
Vomiting – Attack of Stomach by Liver Qi

T- sticky coat
P-string taut

REN 12, ST 36, PC 6, SP 4, + LV 3, LV 14
Sallow complexion, vomiting after a big meal, loss of appetite, lassitude, weakness, slightly loose stool,
Vomiting – Deficiency of the Stomach w/ Stagnation of Cold

T- pale with thin white coat
P- thready, foreceless

REN 12, ST 36 (moxa), PC 6, SP 4, +UB 20
Persisten Vomiting: JINJING, YUYE
cough with profuse, white and sticky sputum, stuffiness and depression of the chest, loss of appetite,
Cough - Internal Injury:
Blockage of lung by phlegm cough

T- white, sticky coating
P- rolling

UB-13, REN-12, LU-5, ST-36, ST-40
Abdominal pain, tenesmus, mixing pus and blood in the stool, burning sensation of the anus, scanty and yellow urine, or chills/fever, restlessness, thirst
Dysentery - Damp-Heat
T: Yellow, sticky coat
P: Rolling, rapid or soft, rapid
ST25, ST 37, +LI 11, LI 4
Difficult defecation, white mucus in stools, preference for warmth and aversion to cold, mostly accompanied w/ fullness in the chest and epigastrium, lingering abdominal pain, tastelessness in the mouth, absence of thirst
Dysentery - Cold-Damp
T: White, sticky coat
P: Soft, rapid
ST25, ST 37, +Ren 12, Ren 6, Sp 9
Frequent stools w/ blood and pus, total loss of appetite, N/V
Dysentery - Food-Resistent
T: Yellow, sticky coat
P: Soft, rapid
ST25, ST 37, +Ren 12, PC 6
Dysentery occurring on/off, difficult to cure, lassitude, aversion to cold, somnolence, anorexia
Dysentery - Intermittent
T: Pale w/ sticky coat
P: Soft
ST25, ST 37, +UB 20, UB 21, REN 4, ST 36
Fever: Du 14
Tenesmus: UB 29
Rectum prolapse (moxa) Du 20, Du 1
Short and rapid breathing, feeble voice, weak and low sound of coughing, sweating on exertion.
Asthma - Lung Deficiency
T: Pale
P: Deficient
UB 13 (moxa), LU 9, ST 36, Sp 3
Infrequent and difficult defecation from every 3-5 days, or even longer, fever, dire thirst, foul breath.
Constipation - Excess
Accumulation of heat
T: Yellow, dry coat
P: Rolling, forceful
UB 25, ST 25, SJ 6, KD 6, +LI 11, LI 4
Infrequent and difficult defecation from ever 3-5 days, or even longer. Fullness and distending pain in abdomen and hypochondria regions, frequent belching, loos of appetite.
Constipation - Excess
Stag of Qi
T: Thin, sticky, coat
P: String-taut
UB 25, ST 25, SJ 6, KD 6, +REN 12, LV 3
Pale and lusterless complexion, lips and nails, dizziness and palpitations, lassitude, SOB
Constipation - Deficiency
Qi & Blood Deficiency
T: Pale w/ thin, white coat
P: Thready, weak
UB 25, ST 25, SJ 6, KD 6, +UB 20, UB 21, ST 36
Pain & cold sensation in the abdomen, preference for warmth and aversion to cold.
Constipation - Deficiency
Agglomeration of cold
T: Pale w/ white, moist coat
P: Deep, slow
UB 25, ST 25, SJ 6, KD 6, +Ren 8, Ren 6
Starts w/ distending & dragging sensation of rectum during defecation, and returning to normal after the bowel movement.
If not treated, recurrence may happen by overstrain.
Sometimes - lassitude, weakness of limbs, sallow complexion, dizziness and palpitations.
Prolapse of Rectum
T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Thready, feeble
(moxa) Du 20, Du 1, UB 25, St 36
Abrupt onset of edema w/ puffy face & eyelids then anasarca, lustrous skin, w/ chills/fever, thirst, cough, asthma and reduced urine output.
T: Thin, white coat
P: Superficial or rolling, rapid
Lu 7, LI 4, LI 6+Sp 9 (together for damp), UB 39
Involuntary micturition during sleep w/ dreams, once in several night in mild cases or several times a night in severe cases, sallow complexion, loss of appetite, and weakness in prolonged cases.
(Usually in children over 3 yoa)
Nocturnal Enuresis
T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Thready, weak at the chi regions.
(moxa) UB 23, UB 28, Ren 3, Sp 6, Lv 1
Enuresis w/ dreams: Ht 7
Loss of appetite UB 20, St 36
Scanty hot urine or retention of urine, distention and fullness of the lower abdomen, thirst but w/o desire to drink, constipation.
Urine Retention - Heat Accum in UB
T: Red w/ yellow coat
P: Rapid
UB 28, REN 3, SP 6, UB 39
Dribbling urination, attenuating in force of the urine discharge, pallor, listlessness, chilliness below the lumbus, weakness of the loins and knees.
Urine Retention - Decline of Mingmen fire
T: Pale
P: Deep, thready, weak at chi level
DU 4, DU 20, REN 4, SJ 4, UB 23
Dribbling urination or retention of urine, distention and dull pain in the lower abdomen.
(Trauma injury, surgery)
Urine Retention - Damage of Qi of the Meridian.
T: Purplish spots
P: Hesitant, rapid
Ren 3, Sp 6, St 28, Kd 5
Difficult and hesitant urination, fullness and pain of the lower abdomen.
Urinary Disturbance - Dysuria d/t Qi Dysfunction
T: Thin, white coat
P: Deep, string-taut
UB 28, Ren 3, Sp 9, +Lv 2
Hematuria w/ pain & urgency of micturition, burning sensation and pricking pain in urination.
Urinary Disturbance - Dysuria w/ blood
T: Thin, yellow coat
P: Rapid, forceful
UB 28, Ren 3, Sp 9, +Sp 10, Sp 6
Difficult urination w/ dribbling or urine, occurring on/off, exacerbated after overwork and usually refractory to treatment.
Urinary Disturbance - Dysuria d/t Overstrain
T: None noted
P: Weak
UB 28, Ren 3, Sp 9, +Du 20, St 36, Ren 6
Failure of the penis in erection, or weak erection, pallor, cold extremities, dizziness, listlessness, soreness and weakness of the loins and knee, frequent urination.
Impotence - Decline of Mingmen Fire
T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Deep, thready
(moxa) all Ren 4, Du 4, UB 23, KD 4
Damage of qi of the HT and Sp: UB 15, HT 7, Sp 6
D/T over contemplation or excessive sexual activities which lead to disharmony btw Ht & Kd. Could be dizziness, palpitations, listlessness, lassitude, scanty yellow urine.
Seminal Emission - Nocturnal emission ("wet dreams")
T: Red
P: Thready, rapid
Ht 7, UB 15, Kd 3, UB 52
Difficulty in falling asleep, dream-disturbed sleep, palpitations, poor memory, lassitude, listlessness, anorexia, sallow complexion.
Insomnia - Ht & Sp Deficiency
T: Pale w/ thin coat
P: Thready, weak
Ht 7, Sp 6, Anmian, +UB 20, UB 15, SP 1 (moxa w/ small cones)
Restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth with little saliva, burning sensation of the chest, palm and soles, or nocturnal emission, poor memory, palpitations, low back pain
Insomnia - Ht & Kd Disharmony
T: Red
P: Thready, rapid
Ht 7, Sp 6, Anmian, +UB 15, UB 23, Kd 3
Irritability, dream-disturbed sleep, fright and fear accompanied w/ HA, distending pain in the costal region, bitter taste in the mouth.
Insomnia - Upward disturbance Liver Fire
T: None noted
P: String-taut
Ht 7, Sp 6, Anmian, +UB 18, UB 19, GB 12
Insomnia, suffocation feeling and distending pain in the epigastric region, belching, or difficult defecation.
Insomnia - Dysfunction of St
T: Sticky coat
P: Rolling
Ht 7, Sp 6, Anmian, +UB 21, St 36
Gradual onset, emotional dejection and mental dullness at the initial stage, followed by incoherent speech, changing moods, or muteness, somnolence, anorexia
Manic-Depressive Disorders
Depressive Disorder
T: Thin, sticky coat
P: String-taut, thready or string-taut, rolling
UB 15, UB 18, UB 20, HT 7, ST 40
Palpitations, lusterlessness complexion, dizziness, blurring of vision, SOB, lassitude
Palpitations - Insufficiency of Qi & Blood
T: Pale w/ tooth prints
P: Thready, weak or intermittent
UB 15, REN 14, HT 7, PC 6, + UB 20, UB 21, St 36
Palpitations, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, blurring of vision, tinnitus.
Palpitations - Hyperactivity of Fire d/t Yin Xu
T: Red w/ little coat
P: Thready, rapid
UB 15, REN 14, HT 7, PC 6, +
UB 14, UB 23, Kd 3
Typical seizure is preceded by dizziness, HA and suffocating sensation in the chest, and immediately followed by falling down with LOC, pallor, clenched jaws, upward staring of the eyes, convulsion, foam on the lips, screaming, incontinence or urine and feces. Gradually patient regains consciousness.
Epilepsy - During Seizure
T: White, sticky coat
P: Sting-taut, rolling
Du 26, Ren 15, Pc 5, Lv 3, St 40
Listlessness, lusterless complexion, dizziness, palpitations, anorexia, profuse sputum, weakness and soreness of the loins and limbs.
Epilepsy - After Seizure
T: Pale w/ white coat
P: Thready, rolling
UB 15, Yintang, Ht 7, Sp 6, Kd 3, Yaoqi
Daytime seizures: UB 62
Night seizures Kd 6
Phlegm Stagnation: Ren 12, St 40
Severe Xu of Qi & Blood: Ren 4, St 36
Dizziness accompanied by pallor and lusterless complexion, weakness, palpitations, insomnia, pale lips and nails, lassitude, LOC in severe case.
Dizziness - Qi & Blood Xu
T: Pale
P: Thready, weak
Du 20, UB 20, REN 4, St 36, Sp 6
Dizziness w/ a heavy feeling of the head and suffocating sensation in the chest, nausea, profuse sputum, anorexia, somnolence.
Dizziness - Int retention of Phlegm-Damp
T: White, sticky coat
P: Soft, rolling
St 8, UB 20, Ren 12, PC 6, St 40
Mental depression, distress of the chest, hypochondriac pain, abdominal distention, belching, anorexia, or abdominal pain, vomiting, abnormal bowel movement.
Melancholia - Depression of the Qi in the Liver
T: Thin, sticky coat
P: String-taut
UB 18, Ren 17, Ren 12, St 36, Sp 4, Lv 3
HA, dryness and bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, distress of the chest, hypochondriac distention, acid regurgitation, constipation, red eyes, tinnitus.
Melancholia - Transformation of depressed Qi into fire
T: Red w/ yellow coat
P: String-taut, rapid
Ren 13, SJ 6+GB 34 (distress of the chest), Lv 2, GB 43
Feeling of lump chocking in the throat, hard to spit it out or to swallow it.
Melancholia - Stagnation of phlegm (aka globus hystericus)
T: Thin, sticky coat
P: String-taut, rolling
Ren 22, Ren 17, PC 6, St 40, Lv 3
Grief w/o reasons, capricious joy or anger, suspicions, liability to get frightened, palpitations, irritability, insomnia or sudden distress of the chest, hiccup, sudden aphonia, convulsion or LOC in cases.
Melancholia - Blood Deficiency
T: Thin, white coat
P: String-taut, thready
Ren 14, Ht 7, Sp 6 (all nourish blood), Lv 3
Chest distress: PC 6, Ren 17
Hiccup: Sp 4, Ren 22
Sudden Aphonia: Ht 5, Ren 23
Convulsion: LI 4, GB 34
LOC: Du 26, Kd 1