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Red rashes w/ severe itching.
Urticaria - Wind-Heat.
T - None Noted
P- superfical rapid.

LI 11, LI 4, UB 40, Sp 10, SP 6, +Du 14****
White or light red rashes w/ heaviness of body
Urticaria - Wind-Damp.

T - white, sticky coating
P - superficial, slow

LI 10, LI 4, UB 40, Sp 10, SP 6, +SP 9
Rapid onset of well demarcated patch of resness, hotness and buring pain, rapid extend in size, change of color of path from bright red to dull red in several days, then haeling with desquamation.
W/ chills/fever, acute HA.

T: Red w/ thin, yellow coating
P: Superficial, rapid

LI 11, LI 4, PC 3, UB 40, SP 10, GB 20
Rapid onset of well demarcated patch of redness, hotness and burning pain, rapidly extending in size, change of color of path from bright red to dull red in several days, then healing with desquamation. If w/ fever, irritable, thirst, stuffy sensation in chest, poor appetite, constipation, dark urine.
sudden onset chills/fever, local redness and swelling which may take place on any site of the body and rapidly extend.)
Erysipelas - Damp-Heat

T: Yellow, sticky coating
P: Soft, rapid

LI 11, LI 4, PC 3, UB 40, SP 10, ST 36, SP 9
Fever: Du 14
Constipation: SJ6
Pathogenic Toxin attack the Interior: Jing-Wells
Diffusive swelling in neck, soft, graduating increase size, no pain, sometimes big and dropping, w/ dyspnea and horase voice.
Size changes w/ emotions.
T&P: None Noted
SJ 13, LI 17, SI 17, REN 22, LI 4, ST 36
Lv Qi Stag: REN 17, LV 3
Few oval movable lumps below the Adam's Apple w/ smooth surface and w/o pain, accompanied by exopthalmos, hot temper, irritability, tremor of the hands, sweating, stuffiness in the chest, palpitations.
Occurs in individuals under 40 yoa,
more freq in women>men

P- string-taut, slippery and rapid.
SJ 13, LI 17, SI 17, REN 22, LI 4, ST 36
Lv Qi Stag: REN 17, LV 3
Palpitations: PC 6, HT 7
Exophthalmoses: SJ 23, UB 2, UB 1, GB 20
Hot temper, anxiety, and sweating: SP 6, KD 7
Red rashes, complicated by abdominal or epigastric pain, constipation or diarrhea.
Urticaria - Accumulation of heat in the stomach and intestines
T: Thin, yellow coat
P: Rapid
LI 11, LI 4, UB 40, Sp 10, Sp 6, St 25, St 36
Occurs mainly in the lumbar and hypochondria region w/ small red vesicles like beads forming a girdle around the waist. Mostly from endogenous damp-heat, hyperactivity of fire in the liver and GB or affection of exogenous toxin. Onset there is stabbing pain of the affected skin, which soon becomes erythematous. Patches of blisters the size of mumps-beans or soybeans are evolved. These blisters look like a band w/ clear-cut interspaces btw the patches. The blisters are thick-walled and their contents are transparent at first, but turn turbid in 5-6 days. After 10 days scar formation occurs.
Herpes Zoster
T&P: None noted
LI 11, Sp 10, UB 40, GB 34, Lv 3
Boils on the head, face or extremity first appears like a grain of millet in yellow or purple color. A blister or pustula w/ a hard base is formed, usually accompanied by chills/fever. Sometimes a red thread-like line extends proximally if the boil toxicity attacks the interior, there will be high fever, restlessness, dizziness, vomiting, impaired consciousness.
Boils & Red-Thread Boil
T: Reddened w/ yellow coat
P: Rapid
Du 10, Du 12, Pc 4, LI 4, UB 40
Redness, swelling and pain of the breast, mostly occurring after delivery. At the early stage when the abscess has not yet been formed, there is a lump in the breast accompanied by swelling, distention, pain, difficult lactation, chills, fever, HA, nausea, and dire thirst. Growing of the lump w/ local bright redness and intermittent throbbing pain indicates suppuration.
Breast Abscess
T&P: None noted
GB 21, Ren 17, St 18, SI 1, St 36, Lv 3
Chills & Fever: LI 4, SJ 5
Distention & pain in the breast: GB 41
Sudden paroxysmal pain in the upper abdomen or around the umbilicus. Soon the pain becomes continuous and localizes in the lower right abdomen, accompanied by tenderness, mild contracture of the abdominal wall, difficulty in the extension of the right leg, fever, chills, N/V, constipation, dark urine.
Intestinal Abscess
T: Thin, sticky, and yellow coat
P: Rapid, forceful
St 25, LI 11, St 37, Lanweixue, Fever: Du 14, LI 4
Vomiting: Pc 6, Ren 12
Local swelling and pain, redness, redness or ecchymosis. A new injury is slightly swollen w/ tenderness. Large area of swelling together w/ motor impairment of the joints is found in serious cases. Old injury is characterized by absence of marked swelling but repeated recurrence d/t invasion of exogenous pathogenic wind, cold, and damp. The injury mostly happens, in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee, and ankle.
Sprain & Contusion
T&P: None noted
Ashi points, Neck: UB 10, SI 3, Shoulder: GB 21, LI 15, Elbow: LI 11, LI 4, Wrist joint: SJ 4, SJ 5, Hip Joint: GB 30, GB 34, Knee Joint: St 35, St 44, Ankle Joint: St 41, GB 40, UB 60 (moxa local points)
Wry neck cx by awkward sleeping position or an attack of wind-cold on the nape of the neck. Symptoms are stiffness and pain of the neck and nape and stiff neck towards one side w/ motor impairment.
T&P: None noted
(moxa only) Du 14, UB 10, SI 14, GB 39, SI 3, UB 60, Lu 7, SI 7, Luozhen