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When was James Madisoon?
During the war of 1812
What was a privateer?
Small privately owned ships armed with cannons.
Who was the indian guide for Lewis and Clark?
What is a Loyalist?
People who still supported Britain and GeorgeIII.
What started the was of 1812?
The British stopping American ships and taking sailors and the firing on Fort McHenry.
What is a Patriot?
People who gave their best for the cause of liberty.
Who was the ruler of France during the Louisiana Purchase?
Napoleon Bonaparte.
What happened in Yorktown?
Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown on October 19, 1781.
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
Land President Thomas Jefferson brought from France which help to double the size of the U.S.
Why was Saratoga important?
The British under General Gentleman Johnny burgoyne were badly defeated. About 5,000 British soldiers surrendered to the American army led by general Horatio Gates.
When was the Star-Spangled Banner written?
Francis Scott Key wrote it in 1814 while a prisoner on a British warship that was bombing Fort McHenry in Baltimore.
What is the judicial branch?
The courts they had to decide the meaning of the law.
What did Lewis and Clark do?
They explored the Missouri River and the land from the Louisiana Purchase.
Why was Congress divided into two parts?
Congress was divided into two parts so that each state, regardless of size, could have two representatives to the Senate, which is one part of Congress. States with more people would send more delegates to the House of Representatives, the other part of Congresss. For any law to pass, it must go through both parts of Congress.
Who was the first Secretary of state?
Thomas Jefferson
What is the executive branch?
The President and his helpers. Their job is to carry out the laws the Congress passed.
Name some things Thomas Jefferson did.
He was a lawyer, he wrote the Declaratin of Independdence. He was the representative of the U. s. at the court of the king of France. First secretary of state, second Vice-President, and third President. He was an inventor.
What is a Union?
A group or people or states join together.
What are amendments?
Changes to the Constituton
Who is the Chief Justice?
The head of the Supreme Court.
What is the Constitution?
Is a set of laws by which a country is governed.
What is the Cabinet?
A group of advisors to the President.
What is the Bill of Rights?
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
Who was President when the size of the U.S. doubled.
Thomas Jefferson.
What is a republic?
People elect representatives to manage their country.
Why was it necessary to add a Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
Many states insisted that the people's rights, as well as those of the government, must be written down.
What is the Articles of Confederation?
The United states were joined together under one Government. The articles listed the pweres of the central government and the powers of the states.
What is the legislative branch?
Congress their job is to make the laws.
What are the three branches of government?
legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch
What is the separation of powers?
The dividion of government's power into three parts or branches.