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What is temperate?
climate that is neither extremely hot or cold nor extremely wet or dry.
Name important features of the Middle Atlantic region.
bays, waterways, the Appalachians, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain
What is tidewater?
A name that is given to low-lying coastal land that is often flooded with seawater.
What's the capital of New York?
What is coral?
Limestone-like hard substance made up of the skeletons of certain types of tiny sea animals.
What is the climate and soil in the Middle Atlantic region good for.
truck, dairy, and poultry farming.
What are barrier islands?
A group of islands along North Carolina's coast.
What's the capital of Delaware
What are shoal?
Underwater sand bars.
What are the energy resources of the Middle Atlantic region?
Waterpower and coal
What line marks the point at which waterfalls generally occur as rivers flow toward the coast?
the Fall Line
What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
Describe one way in which a swamp differs from a tidewater.
swamp: always under water; tidewater: low-lying coastal land that is often flooded with seawater.
What are important industries in the Middle Atlantic region?
Manufacture of petrochemicls, iron and steel.
What is Florida Keys?
A string of islands stretches outhwest from the tip of florida.
What's the capital of New Jersey?
What are reefs?
Chains of rocks at or near the surface of the water.
What's the capital of Maryland
Name at least four different landforms found in the Southeast.
the coastal plains, the Florida Keys, the Outer Banks, the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Cumberland Plateau, rolling hims of Bluegrass country, and lowlands of Ohio and Mississippi River valley.