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Who wrote "The Call of the Wild"?
Jack London
Does Curly antagonize Spitz?
Who made moccassins for Buck and why?
Perrault and Francois because his feet weren't used to the ice and snow
What is the call of the wild?
When the wolf howls and Buck howls back
Who is Buck? (what kind of dog, ect.)
Buck is a St. Bernard/Shepard, protagonist
What are the two major settings?
St. Clara valley, Klondike
What are the 3 major conflicts? examples
Man v. Man- Spitz
Man v. Nature- Buck had to get used to the trails and had to learn how to adapt
Man v. Himself- Coming out from being a house dog to a primitive beast
Who are Perrault and Francois?
The trainers/masters
True or false... John Thorton respected Hal, Charles and Mercedes
Imagery- describe a scene
Buck comes back to camp to find one of his leaders with arrows in his back, roars, kills Indian with weapon (breaks law of club and fang)
"God, you can all but speak" who says this about who and why?
John Thorton says it about Buck, because Buck is just like a human but cannot talk
"For the love of a man" and "The sounding of the call" what do these mean?
"For the love of a man" means that Buck would do anything for John Thorton, and "The sounding of the call" is when Buck responds to the wolves howl and howls back
Why did John Thorton have to stay back at the camp?
His feet were frozen
"Toil of the trace and trail" describe what this means
The dogs would do ANYTHING to work
What does Dave represent?
Hard working, will do anything for work
Describe what happens to Dave
Dave got sick and had to stay back
True or false... Buck let Sol-leks lead
Who am i... spoiled, selfish
who does this describe..
Did not know what they were doing
Hal, Charles, and Mercedes
True or false... Buck needed more food than the other dogs
T/F... Thorton, Hans, and Pette found the lost cabin
What is a placer?
sand and gravel with gold in it
What does the rabbit represent?
prey, blood lust
Who is Spitz?
Former leader, antagonist
Is Spitz a quitter?
What is the "Law of the Club and Fang"?
Never hurt a man with a weapon, don't fall
who says "He was beaten, but not broken"?
The man in the red sweater
"...asked little of man or nature"
John Thorton could survive with not much of anything