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Chapter 1
Into the Primitive
Who is Buck? How old is he? How much does he way? What breed is he?
Protagonist, 4 years old, 140pounds, St. Bernard&scott sheperd
Who are Perrault and Francois?
"bucks teachers"
How do we know Buck is intelligent?
he adapted, became primitive
Chapter 2
The Law of Club and Fang
What happened to curly?
Beaten and killed
Who are the newcomers? Describe each one
Sol-leks- blind
What did Buck learn about sleeping and eating?
To burrow himself in the snow, eat fast
Chapter 3
The DOminant Primoridal Beast
What happened to Spitz and how?
Spitz died, buck killed him
How many miles were covered in 6 days?
30 miles
What did Francois make for Buck and why?
Moccasins, his feet werent used to the snow and ice
Define Fair Play
Equal oppurtonity
Chapter 4
He who had won to mastership
How many miles had they travelled since the begining of winter?
What is half breed?
How many miles did they travel per day?
40 miles per day
What happened to Dave?
Dave got sick and had to stay back from the rest of the trip by himself
Chapter 5
The Toil of Trace and Trail
Where did they arrive after 30 days?
What does Dead-Tired mean?
To tired to even move
What is Mercedes attitude?
Selfish, spoiled, cry baby
What type of food did they get from "old squaw" and what resulted from the animals eating it?
Horse manure, the dogs could not digest it
How many dogs did htey finally start with?
Why was teh group warned about traveling this time of the year?
Spring was near
What did hal do to the dogs before they left?
Whipped them
What happened to hal, charles, and Mercedes?
They died
Chapter 6
For the Love of Man
What kept Thorton at camp?
His feet were frozen
"God, you can all but speak" who says this and what does it mean?
John Thorton to Buck, because he acts like a human, the only thing he cant do is talk.
Who is Black Burton and what happened?
Black Burton is the toughest dog there is, he was fighting so Throton jumped in, and Burton went after him so Buck jumped in and slit Burtons throat open
What was the bet Thorton made and why?
Bet- Buck could pull 1,000 pounds
Reason- Thorton wanted to be the best
How did Buck save Thortons life?
He saved him from drownding
Chapter 7
The Sounding of the Call
What does Thorton want to find?
Gold Mines
What is a placer?
sand and gravel mixed with gold
What did Buck find in the woods and what happened?
Wolves, they became friends
What is the "call"
the wolfs howling
What did Buck kill and how?
A black bear, by attacking
What was Bucks second kill and how?
A moose, he pulled the antlers
Who/What is the gost dog?
"buck a live hurricane of hury, hurling himself in a frenzy to destroy"
What does Dave represent?
Doing anything to work
What does the rabbit symbolize?
what does "who has won to mastership" mean?
Buck killed spitz now its his turn to take control
"dominant Primordal Beast" means?
Dominant- in charge of the land
Primordal- turning into a primitive beast
"Toil of Trace and Trail" means?
The dogs will do anythign to work
Did Thorton respect Hal and Charles?
True or false, Thorton, Hans, and Pette found the lost cabin?
Do Buck and Sol-eks lead the team?
Who was Bucks original owner?
Judge Miller
Who taught Buck never to fall down in a fight?
Who wrote The Call of The WIld?
Jack London
What is the concept of Survival of the Fittest?
Darwin's Theory
Who was Spitz?
The old leader
Who says "he was beaten, but not broken?
The man in the red sweater
What was the law of club and fang?
Never fall, never hurt man with a weapon
Two major settings
Trail, Camps
Three examples of conflict and their types
Man v. Man- Spitz
Man v. Nature-trails
Man v. Hiimself- against his primitive side
Who were Perrault and Francois?
Trainers, masters
"For the love of a man" and "sounding of the call" mean?
Buck loves Thorton and would do ANYTHING for him, Howling sound- Buck becomes primitive
Was Spitz a quiter?
True or False: CUrly antagonzies Spits
What is Bucks traits
Determind, primitive
True or False: Buck trusted Manuel
What is Buck?
Survival of the fittest
Who killed thorton?
The yeehas (spelling)
Who became the Dominant Primordial Beast?
Who were the 2 dogs totally dedicated to work?
Dave and Sol-eks
Tone as it relates to the theme of survial of the fittest?
Be able to adapt
What do the moccasins symbolize?
civilized world
What is the signifiance of the caveman?
primitive side, pulling away from the civilized life
What are the 3 themes?
Natrualism- beast w/ in
Romantism-break free from society
Survival of the fittest- adaption
What does newborn cunning mean?
Learning to be sly
What was the realtionship of BUck and Judge Miller?
Working partnership
What was the realationship of Buck and THorton?
Fun and playing
What is Buck at the end of the story?
What do the Yeehats have to do with the story?
Buck defeates man w/ weapon
Describe a scene
Buck saving Thorton from the rapids (drowning)