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Identify the 7 W's
Identify 3 of 4 pieces of info that will assist responders in locating an incident
*Business name
*Location within complex/business
When ane xact address is not known to caller, identify info to ask
*Nearest cross-street
*Color/description of house
*Location where reporting party can meet responders
Which question should be asked to a caller in a dangerous situation
Is it safe for you to stay on the phone?
Identify 5 of 9 tips to fast and efficiently gather information
*Always be prepared
*Speak directly into mouth piece
*Identify yourself and your agency
*Give your full attention to the caller
*Listen to what the person is saying
*Make sure you understand what help is needed
*Be patient
*Answer the phone promptly with a smile
*Do not assume anything
Identify 2 of 3 general guidelines used for dealing with mental callers
*Never play with someone who has a mental problem
*Do not discount a call that sounds strange
*Determine this time the call is not a real one
Identify 3 of 4 tips to dealing with a hysterical caller
*Use repetitive persistance
*Get control of your own feelings
*Increase firmness
*Once in control, keep it
Two formats/languages to communicate with deaf
Identify the code used when it's the other persons turn to talk on TDD
Identify the code to signify the end of a conversation on TDD
Identify the concept of positive call termination
*The caller is left with a clear understanding of what action will be taken
*The caller should always be thanked for taking the time to call
*If no response will be made, advise the caller why
Two address the responsibile party may give you
*Address of the incident
*RP's home address
Identify the method used for receiving multiple calls about an incident
*Ask questions - do not assume the call is the same
*The caller may be reporting a different emergency or may have additional information on the first call
Identify 3 of 5 questions tha can be asked of children who not know their address
*Where are you
*What can you see out the window
*What are the numbers on the telephone
*What is your school teachers last name
*Is there anything around the mail man brings
What is the #1 rule of dealing with a caller using profanity
Don't take it personally
Identify the question that should be asked on a crime in progress or that just occurred
Did the suspect threaten or cause serious physical injury or death
What is the answer to be given when callers ask if they should leave their home
Do what is safest for you
TDD=Telecommunications Devise for the Deaf
Identify 3 of 4 methods to identify TTD/TTY calls
*Electronic tones
*Synthesized voice announcement
*Relay agent announcement
Identify code used when placing TTD caller on hold while EMS is dispatched
Identify the purpose of the Oregon Relay Service
A translation service for the deaf community. A deaf person calls the Oregon Relay Service and a deaf person can make a call and speak
Identify two things to consider when receiving an operator assisted call
*It may be a call from outside your area
*Operator may be able to provide a phone number and a location