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KeynotesQ: Kidney disease and heart disease
KeynotesA: Calcarea Arsenica
KeynotesQ: Epilepsy and Cardiac Disease
KeynotesA: Calcarea Arsenica
KeynotesQ: Vertigo as if floating
KeynotesA: Calcarea Arsenica
KeynotesQ: Craving for Soup
KeynotesA: Calcarea Arsenica
KeynotesQ: Overworked and overwhelmed
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Strong sense of duty and responsibility
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Works to exhaustion and then must quit work
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Preoccupation with metaphysical concerns
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Fear heights, mice, insanity
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Anxiety about health (Phos, Ars, Kali Ars, Puls, Arg nit, Nit ac -PACK PAN)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Despair of recovery (Ars)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Feels that mind is weak and may go insane
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Obstinate
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Puts on weight quickly and easily
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Chilly and worse cold
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Worse cold, wet weather
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Poor stamina and worse exertion
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Sensation of inner trembling
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Allergy ASA
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Worse ascending
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica (Worse descending: Borax)
KeynotesQ: Face has many fine wrinkles
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Perspiration on head esp. occiput during sleep
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Desires sweets and eggs (Sil)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Constipation without urge to stool
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Metrorrhagia during menopause
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Uterine fibroids
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Breasts swollen and painful before menses
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Back weakness and low back pain
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Arthritic pain worse cold, damp
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Cold clammy extremities
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Nails distorted, brittle and break or peel easily
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Cold feet in bed at night and must wear socks to bed
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Agg from coition (#1)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Carbonica
KeynotesQ: Exostosis
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica
KeynotesQ: Teeth crumble and break easily
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica (200C Calc fluor as prophylactic treatment for bad teeth - Jose Mullen)
KeynotesQ: Large and Hard Uterine Fibroids
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica
KeynotesQ: Arthritis, >heat, >motion (Rhus Tox)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica
KeynotesQ: Sciatica
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica
KeynotesQ: Stiff, painful, neck and bone spurs
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica
KeynotesQ: Prominent arthritic nodosities
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica
KeynotesQ: Curvatures of the spine, may be very severe
KeynotesA: Calcarea Fluorica (Morrison: DG, pg. 88)
KeynotesQ: Growing pains in kids
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Peevish, complaining, discontented, never satisfied
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Easily bored
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Worse when snow is melting
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Delayed closure of fontanelles
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Desire travel (Carc, Tub)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Sighing
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Obesity, flabbiness
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Generally worse from cold (Psor, Hepar)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Generally worse from drafts (Psor)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Delayed development, slow to walk
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: HA in school aged children
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Delayed dentition or teething problems
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Chronic stomach or abdomen pains of school kids
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Crave smoked or processed meat, hot dogs, bacon
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Cervical pain and stiffness
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Cervical pain worse from a draft
KeynotesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Talks with the dead
KeynotesA: Calcarea Silicata
KeynotesQ: Acne and acne rosacea
KeynotesA: Calcarea Silicata
KeynotesQ: Jealousy
KeynotesA: Calcarea Sulphurica
KeynotesQ: Severe Acne (Calc, Sil)
KeynotesA: Calcarea Sulphurica
KeynotesQ: Otitis media w/Chronic Otorrhea
KeynotesA: Calcarea Sulphurica
KeynotesQ: Oversensitivity to all external stimuli, especially pain
KeynotesA: Hepar sulphuris calcarea (Morrison: DG, pg. 179)
EssencesQ: Epilepsy and cardiac disease, anxiety
EssencesA: Calcarea Arsenica
EssencesQ: Basic, Overwhelmed, Stubborn, Hard Working
EssencesQ: Exostoses, Joints and Musculoskeletal systems
EssencesA: Calcarea Fluorica
EssencesQ: Faulty nutrition and assimilation, Dissatisfaction
EssencesA: Calcarea Phosphorica
EssencesQ: Security depends on duty in community
EssencesA: Calcarea Silicata
EssencesQ: Poverty & low expectations, lack of confidence
EssencesA: Calcarea Silicata
EssencesQ: Acne, Talks with the dead
EssencesA: Calcarea Silicata
EssencesQ: Suppuration, Jealousy
EssencesA: Calcarea Sulphurica
EssencesQ: Calcarea Arsenicosa
EssencesA: Epilepsy and cardiac disease, anxiety
EssencesA: Basic, Overwhelmed, Stubborn, Hard Working (BOSH)
EssencesQ: Calcarea Fluorica
EssencesA: Exostoses, Joints and Musculoskeletal systems
EssencesQ: Calcarea Phosphorica
EssencesA: Faulty nutrition and assimilation, Dissatisfaction
EssencesQ: Calcarea Silicata 1
EssencesA: Security depends on duty in community
EssencesQ: Calcarea Silicata 2
EssencesA: Poverty & low expectations, lack of confidence
EssencesQ: Calcarea Silicata 3
EssencesA: Acne, Talks with the dead
EssencesQ: Calcarea Sulphurica
EssencesA: Suppuration, Jealousy
SankaranEssenceQ: Fear of being cheated by those on whom he depends
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Arsenicosa
SankaranEssenceQ: Insecurity, Dependence and Guilt, Fear of Punishment
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Bromatum
SankaranEssenceQ: Vital reaction (response?) needed when totally dependent on others
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Carbonica
SankaranEssenceQ: Need for protection & gives vital reaction (response?) to get it
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Carbonica
SankaranEssenceQ: Fear of losing security, fear of poverty
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Fluorica
SankaranEssenceQ: Fear of being terribly hurt by those on whom he is dependent
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Iodatum
SankaranEssenceQ: Need to be both stable and mobile
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Phosphorica
SankaranEssenceQ: Security depends on duty in community
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Silicata
SankaranEssenceQ: Feels not appreciated in place of security
SankaranEssenceA: Calcarea Sulphurica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Typhoid: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Calcarea acetica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Malaria: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Calcarea muriatica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Ringworm: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea silicata
Miasm&FamilyQ: Sycosis: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Calcarea sulphurica, Calc brom, Calc fluor
Miasm&FamilyQ: Cancer: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Calcarea arsenicosa, Calcarea picricum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Tubercular: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Calcarea phosphorica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Syphilis: Calcareas
Miasm&FamilyA: Hepar sulph, Calcarea iodata
FearsQ: Birds (Calc Sulph)
FearsA: Calcarea Arsenica
FearsQ: MICE (#1), INSANITY, Dogs, HEIGHTS, Insects, Dark & more (MID HID)
FearsA: Calcarea Carbonica
FearsQ: Mice, Poverty, Heights (MPH)
FearsA: Calcarea Fluorica
FearsQ: Thunderstorms, Dark
FearsA: Calcarea Phosphorica
FearsQ: Birds (Calc Ars)
FearsA: Calcarea Sulphurica
FearsQ: Calcarea Arsenica
FearsA: Birds (Calc Sulph)
FearsQ: Calcarea Carbonica
FearsA: MICE (#1), INSANITY, Dogs, HEIGHTS, Insects, Darkness & more (MID HID)
FearsQ: Calcarea Fluorica
FearsA: Mice, Poverty, Heights (MPH)
FearsQ: Calcarea Phosphorica
FearsA: Thunderstorms, Dark
FearsQ: Calcarea Sulphuricum
FearsA: Birds (Calc Ars)
DelusionsQ: Sees disagreeable people
DelusionsA: Calc Ars, Calcarea Silicata
DelusionsQ: Someone over bed
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: Clattering above the bed when falling asleep
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: Someone walking behind him
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: Body dashed to pieces
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: Imagines others will observe her confusion
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica (2)
DelusionsQ: During fever
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: That people think her insane
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica (3)
DelusionsQ: Talks of money
DelusionsA: Calc Carb, Carboneum Sulphuratum
DelusionsQ: Sees someone murdered
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: People walking behind him
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: Rats running up legs
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica (2), Ailanthus
DelusionsQ: Room is a garden house
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica
DelusionsQ: He is ruined
DelusionsA: Calc Carb, Ignatia (3), Veratrum Album
DelusionsQ: Horrible visions in evening
DelusionsA: Calcarea Carbonica, Carbo Vegetabilis
DelusionsQ: Voices and answers
DelusionsA: Calcarea Silicata
DelusionsQ: Want
DelusionsA: Calcarea fluorica, Sulphur
DelusionsQ: Of old and wrinkled women
DelusionsA: Calcarea Silicata, Cannabis Indica
DelusionsQ: Ever changing images
DelusionsA: Calc sulph, Carboneum oxygenisatum, Silica
SleepPosnQ: Calcarea Carbonica
SleepPosnA: Left side
FoodCravingsQ: Calcarea Arsenica
FoodCravingsA: SOUP (#1)
FoodCravingsQ: Calcarea Carbonica
FoodCravingsA: EGGS (#1), SWEETS, Salt, Olives, Indigestibles, Cheese (ESSO IC)
FoodCravingsQ: Calcarea Fluorica
FoodCravingsA: Sweets, Salt, Sour (SSS)
FoodCravingsQ: Calcarea Phosphorica
FoodCravingsQ: Calcarea Sulphurica
FoodCravingsA: GREEN FRUIT (#1), Sweets
FoodAversionsQ: Calcarea Carbonica
FoodAversionsA: Fat, Meat, Coffee, Slimy, Milk (FMC SM)
TemperatureA: Chilly
ComplementsQ: Calcarea Carbonica
ComplementsA: Bell, Rhus Tox, Nit ac (BRN)
ComplementsQ: Calcarea Phosphorica
ComplementsA: Ruta Graveolens
InimicalsQ: BRYONIA
InimicalsAns: Calcarea Carbonica
InimicalsAns: Bryonia
ImportantRubricsQ: Acne on face
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Ars, Calc Sil, Calc Sulph, Sil, Lach, Hepar (CCC SLH)
ImportantRubricsQ: Averse tight clothing
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Carb, Lach, Graph
ImportantRubricsQ: Fear of poverty
ImportantRubricsA: Calc carb, Bry, Sepia, Psor
ImportantRubricsQ: Fear of insanity
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Carb, Mancinella, Cann, Puls, Alum
ImportantRubricsQ: Agg full moon
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Carb, Sil
ImportantRubricsQ: Irritable peevish children
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Phos, Cina, Cham
ImportantRubricsQ: Sighing
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Phos, Cimic, Ign
ImportantRubricsQ: Many fears and phobias
ImportantRubricsA: Calc carb, Phos, Stram, Caust
ImportantRubricsQ: Osgood-Schlatters Disease
ImportantRubricsA: Calc Phos, Nat Mur
ImportantRubricsQ: Kleptomania
ImportantRubricsA: Calc carb, Hepar, Lyc, Nux, Artemesia Vulgaris
ImportantRubricsQ: Sciatica
ImportantRubricsA: Calc carb, Iodum, Kali Iod, Kali Carb, Lachesis, Rhus Tox, Tellurium
ImportantRubricsQ: Nasal Polyps
ImportantRubricsA: Calc carb, Teucr, Sang, Sil, All the Kalis
ImportantRubricsQ: Cheerful with Stools
ImportantRubricsA: Calc carb, Graph, Nat Sulph
ImportantRubricsQ: Totally Unexpected Death
ImportantRubricsA: Calcarea Fluorica