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1 smell
I. Sensory

Olfaction (smell) directly to temporal lobe
two see,, 2c,,, too ceee
2 options
II. Sensory

Visual Acuity
tree p
III pupil. Both

Eyeball movement: Sup/Inf/Med Rectus, Inf Oblique
Focusing and Pupil Size
4 all
Four- tress
V. Motor

"pulley" - eye ball movement for superior oblique
5 try
. Both

3 divisions: opthalamic, Trigeninal, maxillary, mandibular

Motor: muscles for chewing

Sensory: Major nerve of face
ab-ducens:VI. Motor

eyeball movement to outside (abduction), lateral rectus (straight out to side)
7 secrete , sour, spit
VII. Mixed

Motor: facial expression, secretion of saliva/tears

Sensory: Taste
eight audio
auditory or vestibulocochlear:
VII. Sensory

Hearing, Audition, Balance, Equilibrium
nine mile run
. Both
IX. Both
Motor: swallowing & saliva secretion

Sensory: taste/tongue position
10 women here stays here!
. Both
vegus : both
Motor: major autonomic nerve to viscera

Sensory: visceral sensation
11 parts that look the same
spinal assesory XI. Motor

Swallowing & Head Movement
(neck muscles)
12 mile run
hypoglossal:XII. Motor - below tongue

Speech and swallowing.
Why did the pervert cross the road
Because he believed in beastiality. lol
name the 9 paulse areas on the body
temperl, corotid, bakiAL,
radius, apical, femoral,
popilatil, posterior fibula
dorsil pedalis.
Why do people with sweaty feet dance better than those with dry clean feet?
It is simple. if you examine both types of feet you woul clearly see that people with sweaty feet have toe jam. lol
those feet are always moving.