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John uses 2/3 of a cup of oats perserving to make oatmeal. How many cups of oats does he need to make 6 servings
If Freya makes 4 of her 5 free throws in a basketball game, what is her free throw shooting percentage?
Some students attend school 180 of the 365 days in a year. About what part of the year do they attend school?
What number equals 3/8?
The cost of an afternoon movie ticket last year was $4.00. This year an afternoon movie ticket costs $5.00. What is the percent increase of the ticket from last year to this year?
The price of a calculator has decreased from $12.00 to $9.00. What is the percent decrease?
The weekly sales of a magazine increased from 500,000 to 600,000. By what percent did the magazine sales increase?
Sally puts $200.00 in a bank account. Each year the account earns 8% simple interest. How much interest will be earned in three years?
A pair of jeans regularly selss for $24.00. They are on sale for 25% off. What is the sale price of the jeans?
A CD player regularly sells for $80. It is on sale for 20% off. What is the sale price of the CD player?
Jana bought a car for $4200 and later sold it for a 30% profit. How much did Jana sell the car for?
A salesperson at a clothing store earns a 2% commission on all sales. How much commission does the salesperson earn on a $300 sale?
Which number equals (2)^-4
Which of the following is equivalent to 7^-6 times 7^4