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comparo (1)
gather/provide; to bring together as equals, connect, pair, match, unite, join
jūmentum , i,
a beast used for drawing
sēmentis , is (f)
make their sowings as large as possible; a seeding, sowing
sup-pĕto (subp- ), īvi or ĭi, ītum, 3,
to be at hand, be in store, be present, be available
ŏb-aerātus , a, um,
debtors; involved in debt
vīcus , i,
village; a row of houses, street, quarter, ward
sŭb-ĕo , ĭi, ĭtum, īre
enter, undergo
scisco , scīvi, scītum, 3

(ad)scisco , scīvi, scītum, 3
to accept, approve,

admit to their party
vădum , i, n.
a shallow place, shallow, shoal, ford
mātūrō āvī, ātus, āre
hasten, ripen, grow to maturity
temperō āvī, ātus, āre
restrain oneself, forbear, abstain
com-mūniō (conm-) īvī
secure, fortify
invītus, a, um
lăcĭo , ĕre,
entice, inveigle
by day
sponte , abl., and spontis
by their own accord, on their own; will, volition
impetrō (inp-) āvī, ātus, āre
to gain one's end, achieve, bring to pass, effect, get, obtain, procure by request
ob-stringō strinxī, strictus, ere,
attach to, bind, tie
praeficiō fēcī, fectus, ere
to set over, place in authority over, place at the head, appoint to command
vāstō āvī, ātus, āre
desert, vacate, void, empty, lay waste, desolate, ravage, devastate, destroy
dē-populor ātus, ārī,
to lay waste, ravage, plunder, pillage
ĭn-ŏpīnor , ātus sum, 1,
unaware, not thinking
on this side, on the hither side
mandō āvī, ātus, āre
to put in hand, deliver over, commit, consign, intrust, confide, commission
per-solvō solvī, solūtus, ere,
suffer, pay out, pay
a father-in-law
a grandfather
ad-orior ortus, īrī,
nītor, ī, nīxus and nīsus
to bear upon, press upon, lean, support oneself
commūtātiō (conm-) ōnis, f
a changing, change, alteration
secundus, a, um
favorable; following order, according to one’s aims
lacessō īvī, ītus, ere
to excite, provoke, challenge, exasperate, irritate
pābulātiō ōnis, f
foraging ; a collecting of fodder
populātiō ōnis, f
a laying waste, ravaging, plundering, spoiling, devastation
flāgitō āvī, ātum, āre,
to demand urgently, require, entreat, solicit
mētior mēnsus, īrī,
to measure, measure out, distribute; judge
sub-levō āvī, ātus, āre,
get up, raise, help, help with material support
at length, at last, not till then, just, precisely, only
quin etiam
nay, even more
portōrium ī, n
a tax paid on goods imported or exported, toll, duty, impost, custom, tariff
vectīgālis e, adj.
tribute; of imposts, of taxes
liceor licitus, ērī,
to bid, make a bid
sūmptus ūs, dat. tū or tuī, m
outlay, expense, cost, charge
con-locō (coll-) āvī, ātus, āre,
To give in marriage, to arrange, station, lay, put, place, set, set up, erect
affinitas, tatis (f)
connection, marriage tie
restituō ūī, ūtus, ere
to set up again, restore, renew
vereor itus, ērī,
to reverence, revere, respect, stand in awe
obsecrō āvī, ātus, āre
to beseech, entreat, implore, supplicate,
prehendō (prae-) and prēndo dī, sus, ere
to lay hold of, grasp, snatch, seize, catch, take
ad-hibeō uī, itus, ēre
to hold toward, turn to, apply; here: add to
comperiō perī, pertus, īre
to obtain knowledge of, find out, ascertain, learn
succēdō cessī, cessus, ere
to go below, come under, enter ; here: came up under…
īctus ūs, m
a blow, stroke, stab, cut, thrust, bite, sting, wound:
(prae)opto (1)
to choose rather, desire more, prefer
vāllum ī, n
a wall, rampart, fortification; palisaded rampart, intrenchment, circumvallation
matara ae,
a javelin, pike, Celtic lance
trāgula ae,
a javelin thrown by a strap, hand-dart
dēditiō ōnis, f
surrender, capitulation
conquīrō quīsīvī (sierit, C.), quīsītus, ere

to seek for, hunt up, search out, procure, bring together, collect
dēditīcius ī, adj
pūrgō āvī, ātus, āre
make clean, make pure, clean, cleanse, purify
dēligō lēgī, lēctus, ere
to choose, pick out, select, elect, designate, single out
sancio, xi, ctum, 4
to make sacred, render inviolable, fix unalterably, establish, appoint, decree, ordain, confirm, ratify, enact
re-petō īvī, ītus, ēre
demand anew; attack anew, strike again
commeātus (conm-) ūs, m
a going to and fro, passing back and forth; provisions, vehicles of conveyance etc.
mōlīmentum ī, n
a great exertion, trouble, effort
pendō pependī, pēnsus, ere
to pay; ponder, consider, deliberate upon, decide; to suspend, weigh, weigh out
of the day, by day; Daily, of one day, of each day
re-praesentō āvī, ātus, āre
fulfil immediately, realize, do now, accomplish instantly, hasten; cog
indulgeō ulsī, ultus, ēre,
to favor, exercise forbearance, incline, yield, indulge, concede, grant, allow
exquaero , ĕre
thoroughly examine, reconoiter
denum, i
here: 10 men; ten at a time, by tens;
destroy, ruin, exhaust
prae-dicō āvī, ātus, āre
make known by proclamation, announce, publish, proclaim
dē-certō āvī, ātus, āre
go through a contest, fight out
com - mittō (conm-) mīsī, missus, ere
join battle, combine; here: “there must be no attack”
dirimo, -ere, -emi, -emptum
break up, dissolve
idōneus adj.,
convenient; fit, proper, becoming, suitable, apt
ālārius adj
auxiliary troop
raeda or rēda (not rhēda), ae, f
a travelling-carriage with four wheels
comminus (not cōminus), adv.
in close contest, hand to hand, at close quarters
re-vellō vellī, volsus or vulsus, ere
to pluck away, pull away, tear out, tear off
nancīscor nactus or nanctus, ī,
to get, obtain, receive, meet with, stumble on, light on, find
incolumis e, adj.
unimpaired, uninjured, unharmed, safe,