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Efects of B2 agonists
Vasodilatator, diminish periferal resistance, broncodilatador, increase release of glucagon, relax uterine smooth muscle
Thyramine food
Avocado, Red wine, aged cheese
Adrenergic agonist refers to Sympathetic or parasympatetic
What is that MonoAminoOxidase metabolizes?
Dopamine, Serotonine and norepinefrine that is why I shouldn't ingest any Thyramine while taking antidepressants that are IMAO, because I may cause serotonin crisis
What happens with blood pressure while taking IMAO's?
May cause Hypertensive crisis, because increases vasopressure effects;if norepinefrine is not metabolized and it's available in blood will cause vasopressure
Effects of thyramine
Desplace norepinephrine and increases it in blood so it causes hipertensive crissis because of it vassopressure efects
Phenylephrine uses
Nasal decongestant and mild or moderate hypotension, it causes vasoconstriction so it increases blood pressure
What VC means in Phenergan VC?
VasoConstrictor. It has a Alpha 1 agonist (periferal arterial vasoconstrictor)
Uses of Phenergan VC
Nasal Congestion and acute hypotension
Are Alpha 1 and 2 opossites?
Yes, Alpha 1 are vasoconstrictors and Alpha 2 are peripheral arterial vasodilatators
Special considerations with alpha 2 agonist drugs? (Catapres, clonidine)
Discontinue slowly, if not will cause hypertense crisis by reflex
Beta 1 receptors effects
Taquicardia, increase heart contractions, that is why we use B1 blockers in HTA
Beta 1 blockers selective drugs
Ateneolol, metoprolol, esmolol, betaxolol. Remember at high doses they loose their specificity
If I have a COPD patient with HTA which betablockers should I use?
B1 selective blockers,(atenolol, esmolol (IV), metoprolol y betaxolol) to avoid B2 blockage that might affect the lungs in a negative way
Why is dopamine used in Cardiac Shock after MI? (Severe hypotension)
Because it stimulates B1 receptors causing more complete and forceful miocardial contraction, increasing blood pressure
Dopamine and Kydneys
Dopamine increases blood flow to kydneys
Dobutamine and End stage Heart Failure
It increases Cardiac outflow
First cause of right heart failure
Left heart failure
Drugs use in CHF
ACEI and Betablockers eventhought they cause bradycardia, and it is because it reduces norepinephrine and that reduces miocardial stress, that improves morbi-mortality
Beta 2 receptors effects
broncodilatator, increase glucagon release, relaxes smooth uterine muscles (use during early prelabor, to stop it), reduces periferal resistance, taquicardia, increases heart rate, arritmia, that is why in HTA we use B2 blockers
Symptoms of vagal stimulation
Low blood pressure, low heart rate,
Acethylcholine effects
increase salivation, urination and defecation, increase bronchosecreations, MIOSIS cause by RELAXATION of iris muscle and it makes the pupil to look smaller.
Why is Ipatropium effective in COPD and not in Asthma?
Because ipatropium is a anticholinergic that diminish bronquial secretion (antagonist effect of acethylcholine)
Effects of Cocaine in the eye
Cause MIDRIASIS because is an simpathetic stimulant and it contracts iris muscles (iris looks bigger)
Effects of Opioids in the eye
Cause MIOSIS because is an parasimpathetic stimulant and it relaxes iris muscles (iris looks smaller)
Bethanechol uses
Urinary retention, because it stimulates parasypathetic system (is a cholinergic stimulant) and increases the tone in the urinary bladder
Why is pilocarpine the drug of choice in Glaucoma emergencies?
Because is a parasympathetic stimulant and cause miosis increasing outflow of aqueous humor, reducing intraocular pressure. Hte drug of choice in regular glaucoma are Betablockers.
Relationship between acetylcholine and parkinson and Myastenia gravis
Parkinson is an excessive muscle movement excesive acetylcholine, Myastenia gravis no muscular movement defficit od acetylcholine, that is why treatments are Anticholinergics for Parkinson and Cholinergic for Myastenia gravis
Ipatropium Contraindication
Allergies to peanuts and Soy
Carbonic anhidrase Inhibitor diuretics MOA
Inhibit the reabsortion of HCO3 in the proximal tubule
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors Drugs (diuretics)
Acetazolamide (DiamoX) Dorzolamide (trusopt) Brinzolamide (Azopt)
Loop diuretics MOA
Inhibit sodium reabsortion in th proximal portion of the ascending loop of Henle. THEY ARE THE MOST POTENT DIURETICS
Loop diuretics drugs
Bumetanide (Bumex) Ethacrynic acid (edecrin), Furosemide(Lasix) Torsemide (Demadex)
Thiazides Diuretics MOA
Inhibit sodium reabsortion at the distal portion of the ascending loop
Thiazides Diuretics Drugs
HCTZ (Hydrodiuryl), Chlortalidone (Hygriton), Indapamide (Lozol) Metolazone(Zaroxolyn)
Potassium-Sparing diuretics Drugs
Amiloride (Midamor), Triamterene (Dyrenium), Spironolactone (Aldactone)
Drugs that decrease folic acid
Colchicine, Phenytoin and sulfalazine
When to administer Folic acid in patient taking drugs that may cause its deficiency
Inmediately when the risk start, because you have to avoid potential CNS effects cause by this deficiency
Drugs that block absortion of folic acid
Methotrexate and trimetoprim
Which conditions reduce Folic acid?
Alcoholism and pregnancy
Megaloblastic anemia Cause
Folic acid deficiency
Iron administration and secondary effects
In empty stomach, cause dark stools and constipation
Vit B12 defficience
CNS effects, sore tongue, weekness