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FamilyKeyWordQ: Expansion and contraction
FamilyKeyWordA: Cactaceae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Constricted
FamilyKeyWordA: Cactaceae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Made smaller, shrunk, contracted
FamilyKeyWordA: Cactaceae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Bound, trapped, pressed
FamilyKeyWordA: Cactaceae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Oppressed, weighed down, trapped
FamilyKeyWordA: Cactaceae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Expansion, boundless, released
FamilyKeyWordA: Cactaceae
FamilyListQ: Cactaceae
FamilyListA: Cactin (Acute), Carnegia gigantea (Typhoid, probably Syphilitic), Cactus grandiflorus (Malaria), Opuntia vulgaris (Ringworm), (No Sycotic), Cereus bonplandii (Tubercular), Anhalonium (Cancer), Cereus serpentinus (Leprous), Carnegia gigantea (Syphilitic – Dr. Rowe’s suggestion)
KeyWordQ: Severe chest pain
KeyWordA: Cactus grandiflorus
KeynotesQ: Heart disease & hemorrhage
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Heart and circulation problems
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Angina, Cardiomyopathy, MI, Pericarditis
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Low blood pressure from weakness of heart
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Pulseless panting
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Hemorrhagic with rapid clot formation
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Constrictions of heart, bladder, rectum, vagina, neck of bladder
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Severe violent, constricting pains that extort cries
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Pains like a band or wire
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Severe, constricting pains of chest or diaphragm
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Pain in chest or heart as if grasped by iron fist
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Pain so severe that patient cries out
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: < 11 a.m. or 11 p.m., < periodically, < exertion, < noise, light, heat of sun
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: > Open air, pressure on vertex (HA)
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Severe dysmenorrhea, metrorrhagia w/clots
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Numbness or pains extending to left arm (Acon, Rhus Tox)
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Dimness of sight, eyes bloodshot, exophthalmic goiter.
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Pulsation in ears, ringing in ears
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeynotesQ: Profuse epistaxis, but soon stops
KeynotesA: Cactus
KeyWordQ: Cold better cold
KeyWordA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Cold and shivering but averse to covering
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Rash from exposure to sunlight
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Fear at night
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Mind, anxiety, chill during
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Restlessness
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Shrieking, sighing
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Thinking of complaints ameliorates
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Weeping, convulsions, during
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Head, pulsating, occiput, standing amel
KeynotesA: Camphora (only remedy)
KeynotesQ: Eye, brilliant
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Nose, coldness (Carb-v, Lac-c, Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Nose, pointed (Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Face, coldness, cholera (Verat), Face, coldness, hydrocephalus (Lyc, Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Face, coldness, icy coldness (Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Face, perspiration, cold (Ars, Cact, Carb-v, Cina, Merc-c, Spong, Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Mouth, coldness, sensation of coldness, tongue (Carbo-v, Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Rectum, cholera (Cuprum, Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Rectum, diarrhea, weather, warm (Bry, Chin, Crot-t, Gamb, Nux-m, Olnd, Podo)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Urine, color, greenish
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Respiration, asphyxia, children, newborns (Ant-t)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Respiration, asthmatic, sudden attacks (Moschus, Opium)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Respiration, coldness of breath (Carbo veg, Verat)
KeynotesA: Camphora
KeynotesQ: Collapse states with coldness & depleted vitality
KeynotesA: Camphora
FamilyKeyWordQ: Pulled in many directions
FamilyKeyWordA: Leguminosae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Cracks/split
FamilyKeyWordA: Leguminosae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Fragmented
FamilyKeyWordA: Leguminosae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Splitting apart
FamilyKeyWordA: Leguminosae
FamilyKeyWordQ: Bound together
FamilyKeyWordA: Leguminosae
KeyWordQ: Mucus flies
KeyWordA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Falls asleep mid-sentence
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Mind, TACITURN, sickness or injuries, about
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, only remedy)
KeynotesQ: Mind, DELIRIUM, mild (Stram), Mind, FANCIES, confused (Hyos, Stram)
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3 in both, 11 remedies in each)
KeynotesQ: Red dusky congestion of the face
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Face, DISCOLORATION, red, dark red (Bell, Bry, Glon, Op, Spig)
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, 56 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Stupid, besotted expression to the face
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Face, EXPRESSION, besotted (Gels, Lach, Nux-m)
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, 24 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Mouth, DISCOLORATION, gums, red, dark (Aurum-2, Borax-2)
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, 5 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Mouth is horribly offensive
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Mouth, ulcers, fetid (Merc-2)
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, 5 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Teeth, SORDES (dark brown or black accumulation on lips, gums, teeth of a person with severe typhoid or other low fever) (Ail, Ars, Chin, Hyos, Ph-ac, Phos, Rhus-t)
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, 55 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Dusky red inflammation of the throat that is painless
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Throat, inflammation, painless, Throat, inflammation, tonsils, painless
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, only remedy in each)
KeynotesQ: Throat, DISCOLORATION, redness, uvula, dark red
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3), (Arg-n (2), Calc (2), Lach (2) 7 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Throat, SPASMS, Esophagus, swallow liquids, can only
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3), (Bar-c (2), Plumb (2) 3 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Sleep, COMATOSE, delirium, with
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3), (Ant-t (3), Bry (2), Verat (2) 11 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Fever, INFECTION, from
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, 12 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Fever, night, Fever, chill absent, night, Fever, continued fever, Fever, continued fever, night, Fever, Continued fever, stupid from
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3 in all), (Rhus-t, Ars, Bry, Carbo-v, Phos, Lyc)
KeynotesQ: Rapid onset of septic state
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Generals, SEPTICEMIA, blood poisoning, appearing suddenly
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3, only remedy)
KeynotesQ: Great confusion, Dullness of mind, Stupor, Coma
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Putrid offensive odors of mouth, stool, perspiration
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Influenza with bruised pains, Bed feels too hard
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Sore all over the body
KeynotesA: Baptisia
KeynotesQ: Generals, SIDE, right
KeynotesA: Baptisia (3)
KeynotesQ: Mind, delirium, headache, during
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2), Aur, Colch, Nux-v – all 2’s, 27 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Mind, insanity, loquacious
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2), (Lach-3, Cimic, Stram – 2’s, 9 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Mind, LOQUACITY, changing quickly from one subject to another
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2) (Lach-3, Cimic-2, 28 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Mind, Mania, brain, congestion or irritation of brain, from
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2) (Kali-br-2, 4 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Head, CONGESTION, menses, before
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2) (Apis-3, Acon, Bell, Glon, Kali-c, Merc – 2’s, 18 remedies)
KeyNotesQ: HA better bleeding
KeyNotesA: Melilotus
KeynotesQ: Head, pain, hemorrhage, after, amel
KeynotesA: Melilotus
KeynotesQ: Severe throbbing HA
KeynotesA: Melilotus
KeynotesQ: Head, pain, violent pains
KeynotesA: Melilotus (3) (Aurum, Bell, Bry, Cact, Carbn-s, Glon, Lach, Lil-t, Sil – all 3s, 119 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Head, Pain, menses, beginning of, amel
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2), Lach (2)
KeynotesQ: Head, pain, summer
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2) (Bell, Carb-v, Glon, Nat-c, Puls all 3’s, 17 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Head, pain, urination, profuse, amel
KeynotesA: Melilotus (2) (Gels-3, Acon, Ign, Kalm, Sil, 13 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Vision, COLORS before the eyes, black spots, headache, during
KeynotesA: Melilotus (3) (Glon-2, 3 rems)
KeynotesQ: Vision, LOSS OF VISION, headache, during
KeynotesA: Melilotus (3) (Bell, Caust, Ferr-p, Gels, Kali-bi, Nat-m, Sepia, Stram all 2’s, 16 rems)
KeynotesQ: Nose, epistaxis, headache, during
KeynotesA: Melilotus (3) (Acon-3, Agar-3, Bry-2, Cinnb-2, 30 rems)
KeynotesQ: Generals, pulsation, externally, pulsation, internally
KeynotesA: Melilotus (3) (Calc, Ferr, Ferr-I, Glon, Phos, Puls – 3’s common to both, Sel, Sep, Sil are 2 or 3 common. 179 & 181 remedies, including 15 & 16 3’s)
KeynotesA: Physostigma
KeynotesQ: Fear at night – Insanity, might do mischief
KeynotesA: Physostigma
KeynotesQ: Mind, FEAR, mischief, he might do, night, waking, on
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Canth-1 – only other rem)
KeynotesQ: Mind, FEAR, insanity, vertigo with
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Only remedy)
KeynotesQ: Mind, FORGETFUL, menopause, during
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Lach-2: Only other remedy)
KeynotesQ: Delusions always being a castaway. Nothing seems right
KeynotesA: Physostigma (#1 of 3 rems)
KeynotesQ: Mind, DELUSIONS, alone, being, castaway, being a
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2)
KeynotesQ: Mind, LOQUACITY, menopause, during
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Only remedy)
KeynotesQ: Vertigo – floating sensation
KeynotesA: Physostigma
KeynotesQ: Head, PAIN, reading, agg
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (NAT-M, Calc, Plat, Sep, Tub, 64 rems)
KeynotesQ: Head, SENSITIVE, vertex
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (#1, 15 rems)
KeynotesQ: Eye, GLAUCOMA
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Acon, Bell, Clem, Glon, Osm, Phos, Puls, Rhus-t, Spig, Ter – all 2’s, 68 rems)
KeynotesQ: Eye, PAIN – drawing, sore (=bruised, tender), sore, motion, eyes, of, sore, lids
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2 in all, rems from 253 to 21)
KeyNotesQ: Blurred vision
KeyNotesA: Physostigma
KeyNotesQ: Vision, MYOPIA
KeynotesA: Physostigma (3) (PHOS, PULS, 76 remedies)
KeyNotesQ: Vision, COLORS before the eyes – black, spots, floating (=muscae volitantes)
KeynotesA: Physostigma (3) (NAT-M4, PHOS4, SEP4, CHIN, COCC, NIT-AC, SIL, SULPH, 84 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Vision, CONFUSED
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (GELS, NAT-M, Aur, Con, Glon, Plat, Psor, Rhus-t all 2’s, 38 rems)
KeynotesQ: Vision, DIM
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (270 rems, incl 26 3’s)
KeyNotesQ: Vision, FLASHES
KeynotesA: Physostigma (3) (BELL, PHOS, 43 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Teeth, GRINDING
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (APIS, BELL, HYOS, 29 2’s, 77 rems)
KeynotesQ: Stomach PAIN, constipation, with
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Plumb-2, Bry, Graph, Nux-v, Sacch-a – 1’s, 6 rems)
KeynotesQ: Female, NUMBNESS, uterus
KeynotesA: Physostigma (Numbness, vagina – Phos, only rem)
KeynotesQ: Female, LEUCORRHEA, motion agg
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (Calc-3, Mag-m, Sep, 8 rems)
KeynotesQ: Female, LEUCORRHEA, sighing agg
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) – only rem
KeynotesQ: Attacks of overpowering sleepiness, as if about to lose consciousness
KeynotesA: Physostigma (Op)
KeynotesQ: Sleep, SLEEPINESS, overpowering
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (ANT-T, CROC, NUX-M, OP, 127 rems)
KeynotesA: Physostigma (3) (CALC, CAUST, HELL, LACH, LYC, MAG-C, MAG-M, NIT-AC, PHOS, TUB, 280 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Generals, agg. cold draft, cold bathing
KeynotesA: Physostigma
KeynotesQ: Generalities, BATHING, cold bathing, agg.
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (72 rems, including 10 3’s)
KeynotesQ: Generals, COLD, heat and cold
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (FL-AC, LYC, NAT-M, 62 rems, including 22 2’s)
KeynotesQ: Generals, FAINTNESS, hemorrhages, from, uterine
KeynotesA: Physostigma (2) (CHIN, Apis, Coc-c, Kreos, 7 rems)
KeynotesQ: Meningeal/spinal inflammation with rigid muscles. Tetanus
KeynotesA: Physostigma
KeyNotesQ: Generals, TENSION, muscles, of
KeynotesA: Physostigma (3) (ACON, NIT-AC, NUX-V, PHOS, SEP, 58 remedies)
KeynotesQ: Generalities – Paralysis, when muscular contractility is not impaired
KeynotesA: Physostigma
KeyWordQ: Smoky urine
KeyWordA: Terebinthina
KeynotesQ: Bladder, Kidney and Urinary problems
KeynotesA: Terebinthina
KeynotesQ: Mouth, DRYNESS, Tongue
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (199 remedies, including 27 3’s)
KeynotesQ: Mouth, PAPILLAE of tongue, reddened
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (ARG-N, BELL, 11 rems)
KeynotesQ: Abdomen, DISTENSION, tympanitic
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (93 rems, including 12 3’s)
KeynotesQ: Abdomen, PAIN, sore, Hypogastrium
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (CALC, LACH, VERAT, 47 rems)
KeynotesQ: Abdomen, ulcers
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (ARS, CARB-V, NIT-AC, 22 rems)
KeynotesQ: Rectum, WORMS, complaints of worms, pinworms
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (BAR-C, NAT-M, SABAD, Cina-1, 86 rems)
KeynotesQ: Bladder, PAIN, burning, walking in open air amel
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (Only rem, 84 for Bladder, pain, burning)
KeynotesQ: Bladder, PAIN, cutting, walking in open air amel, Bladder, PAIN, cutting
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (Only rem, 27 for Bladder, pain, cutting, incl Berb, Canth, Coloc, Lyc, Puls, Kali-c, Aeth – all 2’s)
KeynotesQ: Bladder, PAIN, sore
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (CANTH, EQUIS-H, 36 rems)
KeynotesQ: Urine, ALBUMINOUS, Urine, BLOODY, Urine, BLOODY, smoky, Urine, CLOUDY, Urine, COLOR, black, COLOR, dark, COLOR, smoke-color, Urine, SCANTY, Urine, SUGAR
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (3 in all, 191 to 1 rem, Bloody, smoky is the singleton)
KeynotesQ: Generals, DROPSY, external dropsy
KeynotesA: Terebinthina
KeynotesQ: Generals, PULSE, soft
KeynotesA: Terebinthina (162 rems, incl 10 3’s – Dig, Op, Stram, Verat, others)
KeyWordQ: Hysterical chest
KeyWordA: Lobelia inflata
KeynotesQ: Respiration, Stomach, Chest complaints
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Anxiety about health
KeynotesA: Lobelia inflata
KeynotesQ: Vertigo with fear of death and nausea
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Headache with nausea and vomiting, great prostration
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Face, PAIN, left
KeynotesA: Lobelia (SPIG, VERB, 44 rems)
KeynotesQ: Heartburn, nausea and vomiting with profuse perspiration (Verat)
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Stomach, vomiting, paroxysmal
KeynotesA: Lobelia (ARS, 10 rems)
KeynotesQ: Stomach, EMPTINESS, extending to heart
KeynotesA: Lobelia (Only rem)
KeynotesQ: Urine, SEDIMENT, sand - red (= brick dust)
KeynotesA: Lobelia (82 rems, including 14 3’s)
KeynotesQ: Panics from fear, Hyperventilation
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Generalities: Agg cold, draft
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Respiration, ASTHMATIC, spasmodic
KeynotesA: Lobelia (ARS, IP, SPONG, VALER, 70 rems)
KeynotesQ: Respiration, DIFFICULT, air, cold, in
KeynotesA: Lobelia (Act-sp, Ars, Lyc, Merc, Spong – all 2’s, 17 rems)
KeynotesQ: Respiration, DIFFICULT, labor pain, with every
KeynotesA: Lobelia (Only rem)
KeynotesQ: Chest, CEASES to beat, as if heart, would cease
KeynotesA: Lobelia (Calc, Gels – 2’s, 18 rems)
KeynotesQ: Dyspnea, < vexation, drafts, exertion, suppressed menses
KeynotesA: Lobelia inflata
KeynotesQ: Respiratory distress but lungs are clear
KeynotesA: Lobelia inflata
KeynotesQ: Chest, INFLAMMATION, lungs (= pneumonia/pneumonitis)
KeynotesA: Lobelia (18 3’s, 135 rems)
KeynotesQ: Chill, NOON (= 12-13h)
KeynotesA: Lobelia (LYC, NAT-M, PULS, 72 rems)
KeynotesQ: Food and drinks: Desires Fat, sweets
KeynotesA: Lobelia
KeynotesQ: Generals, FOOD and DRINKS, Beer, amel
KeynotesA: Lobelia (Thea, Verat – 2’s, 9 rems)