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episodic drama
premise of the show is the same, but you dont have to have seen the previous episodes

ex. E.R. and Law and Order
every week builds off the previous episodes
serialized drama
soap opera, definite order to it, need to have seen the previous episodes

ex. Lost and 24
Goals of a Programmer
think in terms of putting together a schedule
1) maximize audience flow
2) maximize tonnage
3) maximize demographics
4) using money most efficiently
putting a program on at a specific time slot all week long
- builds habit
putting a program on at a specific spot during the week (network primetime)
HUT level
homes using TV
peak of HUT level
67% during any time of the week
most important nights
thursday and sunday
least important nights
friday and saturday
What months do sweeps occur?
November, Febuary, May, July
ratings that are done for every local market in the country for 4 weeks and will set the ad prices until the next period

begins on a thursday and ends on wednesday
Why is it called Primetime?
because that time period got the most audience/tonnage and HUT level than other times of day

primetime - 60% HUT average
daytime - 20% average
putting a new or weak program in between 2 strong programs that already exist
tent poling
putting the strength in the middle of the schedule then building around it
- primarily for primetime scheduling
- 9pm has a higher HUT level than 8pm
Leading In
putting strongest program at the front of the schedule part
putting on a show MWF and another TR.... it never works!

- its a pattern but it doesnt create habit
2 most successful syndicated shows ever
Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy

- the schedule went from news, to jeopardy, to Wheel, to Primetime family programming (great programming)
# of weekdays in a year
# of primetime episodes in a year
explain the primetime episode distribution over the year
Sept/Oct - 4-6 episodes (creating habit)
Nov - 4
Feb - 4
May - 4
And some spread out throughout the year to air all episodes
Networks usually sign a ___ year agreement contract for each show
Follow a winner syndrome
companies developing new shows based off of a successful show already
- doesnt inspire creativity
- they dont take risks
definition of a "successful show"
the show can be moved to any time slot and the audience will follow it
Most successful shows of all time
I Love Lucy and All in the Family
Between ________ and _______ you probably wont see any new episodes--it's the lowest rated period of time because no one is home
Thanksgiving and New Years
1 hour of scripted TV show costs on average $______ per episode
$2 million (cast salaries, production costs, etc)
Dual Income No Kids - programmers love this demographic because they have more money to spend
Jeopardy and Wheel have how many new episodes a year? and how many repeats?
195 new and 65 repeats
The magic # for buying syndicated shows, and why?
130 - you only have to repeat them once throughout the year and you can buy it twice to equal 260 (the # of weekdays in a year)
- if there is under this #, you have to buy it 3 times
- if you go over this # then it gets expensive
If a show has ___ episodes, it was designed to be shown on the weekends.
show runner
oversees the producer and takes care of EVERYTHING and makes sure a show is produced on time every week
a percentage of the total TV households tuned to a specific station, network or program at a specific time
a rating is a _______. An estimate taken from a sample

- there is always a sampling error in ratings
2 or more interconnected stations that carry the same programs simultaneously
- they distribute programming to the stations
- stations deliver the program to the audience
Who is interested in ratings
Sales People and advertisers
Who is interested in shares
percentage of the homes using TV that are tuned to a specific station at a specific time
- it is a relative statistic )tells you how you do compared to your competition
shares will probably always be ______ than ratings
Process of how a program gets on air:
1) Idea
2) Treatment
3) Sample Script
4) Pilot
5) Schedule
6) On Air
includes character descriptions and plot
sample script
tells what the program will look like
producing the episode
the show is put in the line up (commissioned and paid for a certain amount of episodes) - 6 year contract
an advertisement for another show on the SAME station
Counter programming
putting on a program that is designed to appeal to an entirely different kind of audience than the competitors (ex. Miss America Pageant against the Super Bowl)

- doesnt work towards the goals of a programmer
Why have sweeps periods for networks basically been eliminated?
because most stations are metered and since they get ratings everyday, it ultimately doesnt matter to the network
What type of programming has a greater chance of success now-a-days?
Real family programming; because there arent very many
What time slot never works for CBS?
Wednesday @ 8pm
What day never works for FOX?
Why is CBS holding out on "Swing Towm" premiering with all the other shows?
they dont want it to get lost in the fall promotion campaigns because they really believe in it
length of a comedy without commercials
21 to 21:15 seconds
The single most important factor for having a successful program is.....
it's lead in audience
Why is it bad that local news programs still show 5 minutes of sports?
because it's based off the 1940s model; people who want to know about sports will already know the results and they're going to watch ESPN anyways
Per Inquiry
advertisers dont buy these time slots because it tells you that that specific time is hard to sell to advertisers (1-800 ads)
What are the built in problems for movies on TV?
the title's change daily, they are unpredictable, and they're long...