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What are the three columns of vascular erectile tissue of the penis?
corpus spongiosum, two corpora cavernosum
THe ____ formsthe bulb of the penis, ending in the glans
corpus pongiosum
The ____ is the column of tissue that contains the urethra.
Corpus spongiosum
____ are secretions of the glans penis
Covering the testes, except posteriorly, is the ____
tunica vaginalis
On the posterolateral surface of each testis is the comma-shaped ____
The ___ contains tightly coild spermatic ducts that provide a reservoir for maturation and transport of sperm. From this, the sperm move to the ____
1. epididymis
2. vas deferens
Lymphatics from the penile and scrotal surfaces drain into the ____ nodes.
Sexual function depends on what 3 things?
1. normal levels of testosterone
2. adequate arterial blood flow
3. intact neural innervation
The lymphatics of the testes drain to_____
The abdomen
The ____ forms a tunnel for the vas deferens through the abdominal muscles.
Inguinal canal
What are inguinal hernias?
When loops of bowel force their way through weak areas of the inguinal canal
____ may accompany gonococcal and nongonococcal urethritis
Penile discharge (yellowish in gonococcal, white in non-gonococcal)
Which infections can be acquired from oral-penile transmission?
How often should men between 15-35 be encouraged to perform testicular self-exams?
___ is a tight prepuce that cannot be retracted over the glans.
What is paraphimosis?
A tight prepuce that once retracted over the glans cannot return.
Inflammation of the glans is called ___. Usually secondary to ___

poor hygiene
___ is inflammation of the glans and prepuce.
Pubic or genital excoriations suggest the possibility of ___
pubic lice (crabs), or sometimes scabies
What is hypospadias?
Congenital, ventral displacement of the meatus on the penis
Upon compressing the glans between your fingers, there is a profuse, yellow discharge. You suspect
Gonococcal urethritis
Normally, compression of the glans produces (White/Clear/yellow/no) discharge

White/Clear = non-gonococcal urethritis
Induration along the ventral surface of the penis suggests ___
urethral stricture, possibly carcinoma
What is cryptorchidism
An undescended testicle
What are common scrotal swellings?
- indirect inguinal hernias
- hydroceles
- scrotal edema
Dome-shaped white or yellow papules or nodules on teh scrotum are called ____ and are formed by ___
epidermoid cysts, formed by occluded follicles filled with keratin debris of follicular epithellium
A poorly developed scrotum on one or both sides suggests?
_____raises possibility of testicular cancer
Any painless nodule in the testis
___ is a potentially curable cancer with peak incidence between age 15-35
Testicular cancer
Tortuous veins noted to the left when palpating the spermatic cord suggests ___
A cystic structure in the spermatic corde suggests ___
hydrocele of the cord
Swelling in the scrotum other than testicles can be evaluated by ____
In transillumination, ____ light up with a red glow, while ____ do not
1. swellings containing serous fluid (hydroceles)
2. those containing blood or tissue (testis, tumor, hernias)
A bulge that appears on straining suggests ___
A bulge near the external inguinal ring suggests a ___
DIRECT inguinal hernia
A bulge near the internal inguinal ring suggests ___
INDIRECT inguinal hernia
What defines an "incarcerated" hernia?
It's contents cannot be returned to the abdominal cavity
What is a strangulated hernia?
Blood supply to the entrapped contents is compromised.
A congenital displacement of the urethral meatus to the inferior surface of the penis is a ___
Scrotal edema may suggest what disease process(es)
CHF or nephrotic syndrome
___ is identified by palpable, non-tender, hard plaques found just beneath the skin along the dorsum of the penis.
Peyronie's Disease
A male presents with complaints of a crooked, painful erection and you note plaques beneath the skin along the dorsum of the penis. You suspect
Peyronie's disease
A ___ is a non-tender, fluid-filled mass within the tunica vaginalis. It transilluminates and the examining fingers can get above the mass within the scrotum.
___ can be identified by an indurated nodule or ulcer, usually nontender. It is usually found in men who are not circumcised, making it less
Carcinoma of the Penis
Usually an indirect inguinal hernia that comes through the internal inguinal ring so fingers cannot get above the mass in a ____
scrotal hernia
Condylomata acuminata is another term for ____, and is caused by what?
Genital warts, caused by HPV subtypes 6 or 11
Identify the condition:

single or multiple papules or plaques of variable shapes; may be round, pointed, or thin and slender. May be raised, flat, or cauliflower like. May disappear without treatment, but can arise on penis, scrotum groin thighs...
Condylomata Acuminata
A patient presents with small, scattered or grouped vesicles on glans or shaft of penis, and can appear as erosions if vesicular membrane breaks.
Genital herpes simplex
In an older patient presenting with apparent genital herpes, you should be sure to distinguish it from what?
Genital herpes zoster, candidiasis
Pt presents with small red papule that becomes a painless erosion up to 2cm. The erosion is clean, red, smooth, and glistening. It heals within 3-8 weeks.
Primary Syphillis
The term used to describe the painless erosion of syphillis is ___
The organism that causes syphilis is ___
treponema pallidum
___ is a red papule or pustule initially, then forms a painful deep ulcer with a ragged non-indurated margin. It contains necrotic exudate.
The organism responsible for chancroid is ___
Haemophilus ducreyi
In ___ the testis is arophied and may lie within the inguinal canal or abdomen resulting in an unfilled scrotum.
The risk of testicular cancer is ____ in patients wit cryptorchidism.
In adults, testicular length is usually ____
The testicles of a pt with Klinefelter's syndrome are usually ____cm
___ is an acute inflammation of the testis. Testis is painful, tender, and swollen. Scrotum may also be reddened
Acute orchitis
Acute orchitis is usually (bilateral/unilateral), and is seen in ____
unilateral, seen in mumps and other viral infections
A painless, movable cystic mass just above the testis suggests a ____.
Spermatocele or epididymal cyst.
What is the difference between a spermatocele and an epididymal cyst?
Spermatocele contains sperm. Epididymal cyst does not. Otherwise clinically indistinguishable
___ refers to varicose veins of the spermatic cord, usually on the left.
Varicocele of the Spermatic cord
Pt presents with a Left testicle that feels like there is a soft "bag of worms above it". You suspect
In ___ the epididymis is tender and swollen and may not be distinguishable from the testis. Scrtum may be reddened and vas deferens inflamed.
Acute epididymitis
A patient presents with painful and swollen genitalia. He was also diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. THe scrotum and vas deferens are inflamed and the scrotum is red. You suspect.
Acute epididymitis
____ produces a firm enalargement of the epididymis, sometimes tender, with thickening or beding of the vas deferens
Chronic inflammation of Tuberculous epididymitis (in pts with tuberculosis)
___ is a twisting of the testicle on its spermatic cord.
A 15 y/o male presents with acute onset of severe pain in his scrotum. Scrotum is red and edematous, without a hx of infection or injury.
Testicular torsion
What is the most common type of inguinal hernia?
____ originate above the inguinal ligament, near it's midpoint (internal inguinal ring)
Indirect inguinal hernias
A ____ inguinal hernia commonly travels into the scrotum.
____ inguinal hernias are usually found in men older than 40 and are rare in women
Direct inguinal hernias
___ originate above the inguinal ligament, close to the pubic tubercle (near external inguinal ring.
Direct inguinal hernias
A direct inguinal hernia _____ travels into the scrotum
During a hernia exam, the hernia comes down and touches the fingertip if it is a ____
Indirect inguinal hernia
During a hernia exam, the hernia bulges anteriorly and pushes the side of the finger forward if it is a _____
direct inguinal hernia
___ are the least common type of hernia, and are more common in ____(gender)
Femoral, women
A femoral hernia originates _____ the inguinal ligament.
Below and more laterally
Femoral hernia may be confused for ___
swollen lymph nodes
A femoral hernia _____ travels into the scrotum
During hernia exam, the inguinal canal is empty if it is a ____
femoral hernia.
____ is more commonly known as "jock itch"
Tinea cruris
What is peyronie's disease?
Causes curvature of the penis caused by inflammation of the tunica albiguinea of the penis resulting in a fibrous plaque
___ is a prolonged erection
What is the treatment for priapism
needle aspiration and occasionally phenylephrine
What does prostatic fluid do?
it is alkaline so it helps counteract acidity of vaginal canal so sperm can live longer
BOO refers to ____
AUR refers to ____
BOO = bladder outlet obstruction
AUR = acute urinary retention