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Consanguineal Kin
relatives by birth; blood relatives
Affinal Kin
relatives by marriage
marriage outside of the group
marriage of a man to two or more women at the same time; a form of polygamy
Group Marriage
marriage in which several men and women have sexual access to one another
Patrilateral parallel-cousin marriage
marriage of a man to his father’s brother’s daughter, or a woman to her father’s brother’s son (that is, to a parallel cousin on the paternal side)
compensation the groom or his family pays to the bride’s family upon marriage. also called bride wealth
separation of a marriage due to several factors including irreconcilable differences, sterility/impotence, adultery, financial, and extended family issues
Family of procreation
the family that one forms by becoming a parent and raising one or more children
Consanguineal Family
related women, their brothers, and the women’s offspring
Extended family
several closely related nuclear families clustered together into a large domestic group
Polyandrous Family
a type of polygamous family involving a woman with multiple husbands and their children
Matrilocal Residence
a residence pattern in which a married couple lives in the locality associated with the wife’s relatives
Sororal Polygyny
marriage of one man to women who are sisters
Patrilocal Residence
a residence pattern in which a married couple lives in the locality associated with the husband’s father’s relatives
Partilocal Residence
a residence pattern in which a married couple lives in the locality associated with the husband’s father’s relatives
a descent group who can demonstrate their common descent from an apical ancestor
typically consisting of several lineages, a clan is a noncorporate descent group whose members assume descent from a common ancestor (real or fictive) without actually knowing the genealogical links to that ancestor
Patrilineal Descent
Ego automatically joins the father’s descent group when they are born
the splitting of a descent group into two or more new descent groups
each group that results from a division of a society into two halves on the basis of descent
Hawaiian System
kinship reckoning in which all relatives of the same sex and generation are referred to by the same term
Conjugal Bond
the bond between two individuals who are married
Incest Taboo
the nearly universal prohibition of sexual relations between specified individuals, usually parent-child and sibling relations at a minimum
marriage in which both partners have just one spouse
marriage of a woman to two or more men at one time; a form of polygamy
a marriage custom according to which a widow marries a brother of her dead husband (a man marries his dead brother’s widow)
Bride Service
a designated period of time after marriage when the groom works for the bride’s family
two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption. The family may take many forms, ranging from a single parent with one or more children, to a married couple or polygamous spouses with offspring, to several generations of parents and their children
the basic residential unit where economic production, consumption, inheritance, child rearing, and shelter are organized and carried out
Blended family
a married couple raising children together from their previous unions