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Latin for "Roman Peace" lasting 27BCE-AD180
Pax Romana
Peace & prosperity of Rome = 3M. sq. miles w/ 60-80 M. people; 1 M. in Rome itself
Between 4-6 BCE a Jewish boy was born in Bethlehem,Judea & raised in Nazareth,Palestine, baptised by John the Baptist & believed to be "son of God"
Jesus of Nazareth
a carpenter by trade who preached resurrection w/ belief in a single God. Condemned by Jewish Sanhedrin & Crucified by Roman authorities.
Jesus 12 disciples - men who followed Jesus learning his concepts & diffusing them after his crucifixtion
followers of Jesus who spread Christianity throughout the mediterranean & established churches.
An apostle who helped spread Christianity after Jesus's death; spread & interpreted Christ's teachings
wrote the Epistles or letters to his followers
The dispersal of Jewish peoples from their homeland
& loss of their land & political state for 1,800 yrs.
Jewish flight from Roman persecution.
Roman general who fought 3 rivals for leadership of Rome in AD312; credited victory to Christ due to vision of cross; ended persecution of Christians & moved capital to Byzantium in AD330.
passed Edict of Milan which declared Christianity the state religion.
A priest who supervised several local churches of Rome
high officer of Roman Catholic Church
An apostle called "the rock" by Jesus who became the 1st Bishop of Roman Catholic Church.
1st Pope of Rome
The father or head of Christian Church, Peter was the 1st in Vatican City, Rome
leader (head bishop) of Roman Catholic Church
A drastic drop in value of money coupled with a rise in prices
reduces buying power of money due to rapid price hikes
Foreign soldier who was paid to fight for Rome; accepted lower pay than Roman soldiers but felt little loyalty to Empire
soldier for hire who lacked loyalty to Rome
In AD284 a egotistical army general became emperor of Rome; ruled w/ iron fist & severely limited personal freedoms of citizens.
Reforms were to double size of army, use price cielings to control inflation rate, divided Roman Empire into East & West (Byzantium) renamed Constantinople
In AD444 a powerful Germanic Chieftan who united the tribes & attacked & plundered 70 cities but never sacked Rome or Constantinople due to bouts w/ disease & famine
Attila the Hun
Hun leader who forced payment of tribute from countries he threatened to conquer.
Capital of Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium; renamed after Emperor Constantine
After Constantine's death Rome fell to vandals but this Eastern Capital survived.
A form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders.
U.S. government is based on this Roman form of government which allows all citizens right to vote for leaders to represent them.
Wealthy landowners who held majority of political power in Roman Senate.
voted in for life
Common farmers, artisans, & merchants making up the majority of Roman population
middle class of Roman society
Representatives elected by plebians to form the Assembly which protected their rights from unfair acts of patrician officials.
person who upholds or defends popular rights of citizens
Roman leader who led the 2nd Roman Triumvirate with Mark Antony & Lepidus 43BC-53BC
Augustus (Octavian) Caesar
By 27BCE this Emperor held all real power to himself while allowing the republic to operate under his supervision
An ancient culture that developed from a blending of Greek, Hellenistic, & Roman Cultures.
Greco-Roman Culture
writers of this period were Plutarch's Parallel Lives amd Josephus' History of the Jewish Wars
A Roman town dating to 2nd C. BCE which was destroyed in AD79 by eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
Thick layers of volcanic ash covered this city preserving buildings & art but killed 2000 citizens.
A Roman poet who spent 10yrs. writing the Aeneid, an epic of legendary Aeneus' praising Roman's virtues & character
wrote the Aeneid, an epic story of legendary Aeneus
Roman historian who accurately wrote of Romes history concerned w/ Roman lack of morality.
wrote of the good & bad of Imperial Rome
Architecture of arches that carried water long distances into cities & towns, lifted high up to span gorges/rivers
water transport necessary for large populations
To choose someone for an office by voting
citizens cast votes to _______ politicians to office
A person who is chosen to act/speak for others
the House of ____________ and Senate are composed of elected officials
A part of a country, with its own government, much like a state in the U.S.A.
a geographic section of a country with its own government
A person chosen to run a province/territory
Sonny Purdue is the __________ of Georgia
A war between people who live in the same contry
civil war
The U.S. had a _____ _____ between the North & South.
A public square in an ancient Roman city, where lawmakers met
public square of early Rome where laws were enacted
A person who rules a group of different countries, lands, or peoples.
emperor (Caesar)
sole ruler over many culturally different countries, lands & peoples
The putting to death of someone by nailing/tying that person to a cross, causing death by asphixiation & dehydration
Jesus was executed by _________________.
To treat in a crude way; hurt or injure
Roman emperors before Constantine would ____________ Christians.
To change from one religion to another.
Roman emperors often made conquered peoples _______ to the state religion.