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To change as if by dying, influence, disort, or gloss over
Color (v)
Matching, corresponding, or proportionate in degree, size, amount or other property
Commensurate (adj)
Common men sure ate a matching amount of food, all proportionate in degree.
The willingness to comply with the wishes of others
Complaisance (n)
When you do what others want to do and do not complain one is complaisant.
An informed and astute judge in matters of taste; expert
Connoisseur (n)
Pompous, self-important
Consequential (adj)
Cons sequential thoughts are first about themselves, making them pompous and self-important
To scorn or despise
Contemn (v)
I despise the word cunt used by men
Argumentative; quarrelsome; causing controversy or disagreement
Contentious (adj)
The men were argumentative over the con's tent.
Sharing a border;touching; adjacent
Contiguous (adj)
Regretful; penitent; seeking forgiveness
Contrite (adj)
Connor was rite to seek forgiveness for his poor behavior.
A generally agreed-upon practice or attitude
Convention (n)
People going to a convention have an agreed upon practice or attitude about the subject.