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the commander of a contingent of Albanian soldiers sent by the sultan to restore imperial control
Muhammad Ali
Originally Christian boys taken from their homes, converted to Islam, and required to serve in the Ottoman army
These regional peoples sented the occupation of the Ottomans, particularly the Orthodox Christians who claimed abuse.
a.k.a. - reorganization, a series of reforms announced by Mahmud's 16 year old successor, Abdul Mejid.
This war brought about the destruction of the Congress of Vienna.
The Crimean War
Europeans were allowed to live in their own enclaves in Istanbul and other commercial centers, subject to their own laws and exempt from Ottoman Jurisdiction.
Sometimes called Young Turks, these people promoted a mixture of liberal ideas derived from Europe, national pride, and modernists view of Islam.
Young Ottomans
in some respects resembled the Young Turks.
a militant political doctrine advocating unity of all the Slavic peoples, including those under Austrian and Ottoman rule
After the death of Alexander I, this group of reformed minded officers tried to take over the Russian government and provoke an uprising. In the end, it failed
Decembrist Revolt
broke out in 1839 when negotioans between the Qing official and British representatives reached a stalemate
Opium War
hereditary soldiers of the Qing Empire. Much like the Janissaries of the Ottoman Empire.
dismantled the old Canton system. Opened more ports to the West. Qing had to pay for the war. Plus, give up the island known as Hong Kong
Treaty of Nanking
any privileges that China granted to another country would automatically be extended to Britain.
most-favored-nation status
The inflammatory mixture of social unhappiness and foreign intrusion assisted in the explosion of this civil war
Taiping Rebellion