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Wary; cautious; sparing
Chary (adj)
Char was a wary, cautious person.
To chastise (criticize severely) or correct; subdue
Chasten (v)
When Chase was ten he wasa corrected for sucking his thumb.
One blindly devoted to a group of which one is a member
Chauvinist (n)
Trickery or subterfuge (to evade a rule)
Chicanery (n)
The chic canary tricked its owner into thinking it was dead.
An illusion; originally, an imaginary fire-breathing she monster
Chimera (n)
The Chimes of Ra was just an illusion
Boorish, vulgar, loutish; difficult and intractable
Churlish (adj)
To hurl is rude.
To come together; to fuse of unite
Coalesce (v)
The Coal miners came togther and united for the cause.
Concluding section to a musical or literary piece, something that concludes or completes
Coda (n)
Cracking the code "A" will conclude or complete the mystery.
Appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing
Cogent (adj)
The co-agent convicned the criminal to his reason for murder.