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Money paid to get someone to do something against the law
wealthy businesspeople trying to use the government for their own gain.
System that includes most government workers who are appointed rather than elected
Civil Service
During the 1870s-1880s these jobs were filled by the Spoils System.
An illegal payment of money made in return for a favor or service
This included controlling elections through giving gifts, jobs, & favors.
A system in which private businesses, farms, and factories compete with one another to make a profit
Some poor Americans blamed poverty, unsafe working conditions, & unclean food on Capitalism.
A writer who brings attention to corruption
Upton Sinclair exposed the meat-packing industry bringing reform
A giant corporation, or group of companies
Teddy Roosevelt was known as a ______ Buster.
A tax paid to the government on the money a person earns.
Income Tax
Pres. Taft supported a Federal ________ ______.
A time period when making, selling and transporting alcohol was unawful
Alcohol was "not allowed" from 1919 until 1933 by the 18th Amendment
To coat with "gold leaf" or a gold color; a time of wealth and prosperity
"The Gilded Age"
Mark Twain coined this phrase by the title of his book; the age of the Robber Barons.
A corrupt political boss in New York city who controlled government through bribing voters w/ gifts,jobs & favors
Boss Tweed
Tweed padded or added to city bills cheating N.Y. City out of $200 million over six years.
A political cartoonist who helped to reveal the corruption of Boss Tweed & get him out of office
Thomas Nast
His political cartoons helped clean up corruption in government in the late 1800s
When government jobs were given to people who helped the President get elected.
Spoils System
"To the victor go the spoils"
Pres. Garfield was shot because he wanted to change this system.
In the late 1870s,this President spoke out against the "Spoils System" of government appointments
President Rutherford B. Hayes
He sought civil service reform by putting able men in major positions
President assassinated because of political appointments
President James Garfield
Shot by a disappointed office seeker on 7/2/81 & died on 9/1981
He supported the Civil Service Act which made people seeking government jobs take a skills test
President Chester Alan Arthur
Helped to end the Spoils System of political appointments helping qualified persons get appointments.
A book about the unclean practices of the meatpacking industry.
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
A book that sickened & angered Americans about the meatpacking industry
A movement that believed many problems were due to fast growth of industry and cities. They wanted laws to regulate business & improve working conditions,, improve health, & education in poor areas
The Progressive Era
Writers of newspapers, magazines & books brought attention to corruption in business & government
25th President whose reforms included high tariff rates, the "Gold Standard Act" & annexing of Hawaii & Cuba & Spanish-American War
President William McKinley
McKinley was assasinated by an anarchist on Sept. 5, 1901.
Took Presidency in 1901 after McKinley's death. Ended the Coal Miners' Strike by threatening to have U.S. troops control the owners mines
President Theodore Roosevelt
Known as the "Trust-Buster" he felt it was unlawful for trusts to force smaller companies out of business
Modern Progressive Organizations that strive to solve community problems
National Neighborhood Coalition (NNC) & HH (Habitat for Humanity)
Jimmy Carter helps to construct houses for Habitat for Humanity
Three methods of settling Union disputes through using a 3rd neutral party, a negotiator or having both parties give up some things they want to happen
Arbitration , Mediation & Compromise
Ways to settle union disputes
by a 3rd party and having each side give up something to get something.
His reforms included taking many trusts to court, enacted a federal income tax by the 16th Amendment
President William H. Taft
He passed the 17th Amendment making U.S. Senators be directly elected by voters not chosen by state lawmakers
His reforms included lowering tariffs on foreign goods, a graduated income tax to hit the wealthy, ended price-fixing for companies to raise or lower prices & rights of unions & workers were protected
President Woodrow Wilson
He started the Federal Reserve System & Federal Trade commission
Women protested under Pres. Wilson for suffrage. They began passing laws in each state allowing women to vote.
Women's Suffrage & 19th Amendment (1920)
By 1919 15 states had full suffrage for women. & in 1920 the 19th A. passed
A suffragette who argued that women voters were needed to bring about progressive reforms by passing the law in each state
Carrie Chapman Catt
Got the 19th A. passed by state laws allowing voting rights for women
In 1933, the government passed the 21st A. which repealed the 18th A. or Prohibition of Alcohol
21st Amendment
The U.S. Government realized the best way to control the sale of alcohol is for them to regulate its production and tax it.