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A chain of islands.
What is an Archipelago?
p. 134.
Having people living on the land.
What is Inhabited? p. 135.
The stony outside skeletons of tiny sea animals; billions of such skeletons pile up to form underwater ridges called coral reefs.
What is Coral? p. 135.
A tropical wind that blows from the northeast and southeast toward the equator.
What is a Trade Wind? p.135
A self-governing political unit that is part of a nation or states; a group of self-governing states.
What is a Commonwealth?
p. 137
An economic system in which the government owns all property and businesses.
What is Communism? p. 139
A close partner (political)to assure security against enemies.
What is an Ally? p. 139
An order that forbids trade with a certain country.
What is an Embargo? p. 133.
An island south of Key West, Florida which is Communist and led by the dictator Fidel Castro. Castro took over in a rebellion in 1959 ousting the military dictator Fulgencio Batista who catered to the Mafia in Havana.
What is Cuba? p. 138-139
One of the Greater Antilles islands whose capital is Kingston. Formed from volcanic eruptions.Used for sugar cane plantations in colonial times, now has Tourist economy.
Where is Jamaica? p. 134.
A Greater Antilles island which started out as a Spanish colony. The U.S.A. gained control of it after winning the Spanish-American war in 1898. Today it has Commonwealth status making its people U.S. citizens with limited rights. Pay no U.S. taxes and elect own government & may migrate to U.S. mainland for jobs but cannot have voting representatives in Congress.
Where is Puerto Rico?
p. 137.
A chain of islands made from coral reefs not part of Antilles which are volcanic.Their capital is Nassau and they are territories of the U.S.A.
Where are The Bahamas?
p. 135
The western third of the Greater Antilles island of Hispaniola. First nation to be governed by people of African descent. Began as a French colony but the slaves revolted in 1804, taking control of the plantations on the west of the island. Most speak French or Creole patois (French- W.African) dialects. In 1957, "Papa Doc" Duvlier took control as a dictator. He was overthrown and Jean Bertrand Aristede took control of government in a free election. It has a Catholic religion mixed with Voodoo or spirit worship of Africa.
Its tourist trade has been destroyed by violence, racial tension, political unrest and poverty.
Where is Haiti?
p. 140
The eastern part of Hispaniola which was settled by Spain but gained independence in 1844. Its population is mainly Mestizo, who speak Spanish, live in rural areas using subsistence farming to survive.
Where is the Dominican Republic? p. 140-141
The indigenous native americans of the Caribbean Islands.
Who were the Caribs, Arawaks, and Ciboney tribes.