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An area at or near the foot of a mountain region.
What is the Peidmont?
gently rising, hilly lands near mountaiins
The region where the Coastal Plain meets the Peidmont; where rivers plunge over rapids and waterfalls form from hard rock under the peidmont to softer rock underneath the Coastal Plain.
What is the Fall Line?
The place where water power was first used for mills by waterwheels
A low area of land generally surrounded by mountains.
What is a Basin?
The Great ______ and Death Valley are found west of the Rocky Mtns.
Those states bordering each other as a single unit; "Continental U.S."
What is Contiguous?
Not including Alaska & Hawaii
An ocean current that moves warm tropical water northward.
What is the Gulf Stream?
Favorite vacation spot with small waves and very white sand is complimented by this warm current of ocean water
A large farm that concentrates on growing and selling one major crop such as cotton, tobacco, or indigo
What is a Plantation?
Sea Island cotton was grown on _________ on the eastern coast of the U.S.A.
Parts of cities where minority groups are concentrated due to economic pressure and social discrimination.
What is a Ghetto?
An area of a city with poverty, frequent crime and mostly segregated by ethnic races
An economic deficit in a country due to the value of its imports exceeding that of its exports.
What is a Trade Deficit?
Importing too many Hondas and exporting too few Fords.