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What are the two Types in C#?
Reference Type, Value Type
What type is stored in the Heap and what value type is stored in the stack?
Heap: Reference
Stack: Value
What is a class Destructor?
Method called by the garage collector to remove a object form managed memory.
Can a class Destructor be called like other methods ?
No the Destructor can only be called by the Garbage collector.
What does the Destructor and Finalize() have in commen ?
The destructor method is a short cut to creating a overridden finalize method.
What is the Using key word for?
The Using statement ensures that the Dispose() method will be called at the earliest opportunity.
What is the IDespose Interface for?
The IDespose method will handle memory cleanup considered to crucial to wait for the garbage collector.
What is Polymorphism ?
The ability to use many forms of a type with out regard to the implementation details.
What is Boxing and Unboxing Types?
The process by which value types (int, float, ... ect) can be treated as reference types.
int y = 3;
object x = y;
What does an Interface represent?
An interface represents a contract that guaranties to a client how a class or Struct will behave.
What are internal classes and why are they useful?
one example is a class that is created within another class and is marked as "internal".
In this way an internal class can access the private member if the class it is within.
What do Classes and Structs have in common?
What is Different?
a: Structs and Classes both have constructors, properties, methods, fields, operators, nested types, and indexers.
b: Structs don't have inheritance, destructors, and are a value type not a reference type.
Cleans up any non memory resources. Implemented by the Destructor.
When do you have to explicitly override the Destructor?
When unmanaged resources need to be freed.
What does "ref" key word used for ?
Used to signify a pass by reference for method parameters.
What will the following code snippet produce?
public void updateInt( int x)
{x+= 1;}
int x=0;
answer: 0;
What is the Difference between the key word 'is' and the 'as' ?
Is returns true if two object types match.

AS returns the the object if types match.

example: is
if ( someObj is someOtherObj )
// do some code

example as:

someObj obj as someOtherObj someObj;

if ( obj != null)
// do some code;
What is Reflection in C#?
The ability to view and interact with an objects metadata.
Four major tasks reflection is used for?
1. viewing metadata
2. Perform type discovery.
3. Late binding to methods and properties.
4.Creating types at runtime.