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Which church has been thought to be perfect; apostolic or patristic?
To be a good church historian one must go to what source in order to learn how to do church?
The Bible, not just church history.
Church History started when?
After the apostles died; end of 1st century.
The 2nd century began what era in Church History?
Patristic era
The patristic era ended when?
Approx 596 AD
What caused the patristic period to end?
The written work of Gregory of Rome
What did Gregory of Rome write about?
Thought that Augustine is the authority of the church. The authority of the church changed from Scripture to man. The thought gets started that the church is the embodied authority and the leaders are the authority.
What was one reason the church changed in how it was run by the 6th century?
The authority of the church changed from Scripture to man.
600 AD two minds of thought were present, what were they?
Aristitillion (ordered by God)and Platonic (no order)
When did trinkets emerge into commen use in the church?
6th and 7th century along with the feudalism and illiteracy.
When was the Apostolic Age?
Jesus and NT 30? AD - 100 AD
When was the Patristic Age?
Church Fathers 100 AD - 596 AD
When was the Mid-evil Age?
596 Ad on
What group waw Jesus enemies predominantly from?
What were the two lines of Jewish thought at the time of Jesus?
Messianism and Judaism
Simeon and Anna were part of what what Jewish group?
Who kept the Jewish law to stay out of bondage (exile)?
Who read the OT to see the Law?
What group did the Saducees, pharisees and scribes belong to?
Who read the OT to see a coming King; everthing through the eyes of messiah?
Kept the law out of the hope for the messiah?
Who believed that the law was written to keep people from idolatry?
Did Christianity come from Judaism? T or F
False - Messianism
The cannonical Gospels told the story or Jesus according to what other writings?
What other groups told the story of Jesus?
Pseudapigriphal Writers
What was the goal of the apostolic Fathers?
"Faith once for all delivered to the saints"q
Who were the "Faithful Men" that the NT made reference to?
Apostolic Fathers
What group interpreted Jesus wrong?
Pseudapigriphal Writers
What Pseudapigriphal Writings are there?
The Gospel of Judas
What were the goals of the Apostolic Fathers?
To present the gospel as the apostles did to preserve it and lead the church in this direction
Clement of Rome wrote to who?
Corinth Church
What did Clement of Rome write about?
Wrote against Disunity and rebellion against godly leaders
Which Apostolic Father's writings were misinterepreted later by the Catholic church to teach succession and Church Authority?
Clement of Rome
Who wrote to the Corinth church about disunity and rebellion against godly leaders?
Clement of Rome
What book was Pseudapigraphal and was about "doing the will of my Father"?
2 Clement
What book talked about "doing righteousness" as "having faith"?
2 Clement
What book combatted Gnostic and Docetism, and wrote that our bodily resurrection is important?
2 Clement
What book urged repentance and right-living and bodily resurrection?
2 Clement
What reason's did 2 Clement give for the importance of the resurrection for the believers body?
Accountability for the works of the body b/c we will be judged for the deeds of the flesh.
Jesus ressurrection of His body - 1 Cor 15
The Gnostics belief of the evil of the material and the good of the spiritual
Docetism - Jesus flesh was not needed for our salvation
Jesus teaching in Col that we are saved through His body
Docetism teaches that what part of Jesus was not essential for our salvation?
His flesh
What heretical group believed that there will be no bodily resurrection of the flesh?
What heretical group believes that the material (flesh) is evil and the spiritual is good?
Which heretical groups were attacked in 2 Clement?
Docetists and Gnostics
What emperor started much of the persecution in Roman?
Pliny the Younger wrote to what emperor of Rome?
Who wrote that the Christians were going to be subversive towards Rome?
Pliny the Younger
What emperor proclaimed the Christians to be a "subversive group"?
What was the real reason for Christian persecution in Rome?
There misunderstanding by Romans; fearing they were "bad citizens"
Who was the church leader at Antioch who was killed for their faith?
Christians were seen as enemies of the state b/c they were not doing civic duties; T or F?
Ignatious wrote how many letters?
Who was on their way to Rome to be punished and wrote 7 letters?
What Apostolic Father wrote what became the theology of martyrdom?
Ignatius wrote that to have disharmony is contrary to there bing one what?
One Christ and One Gospel
Who wrote that martydom should be received, but not sought?
What Apostolic Father's goal was to "Preserve the Gospel and pass it on"?
What was Ignatius only goal?
"Preserve the Gospel and pass it on"?
Who wrote, " if you are not teaching the apostles work, you are not teaching the gospels and the next generation will be lost.
Preserving the Gospel?
Why was the paster at Smyrna?
Ignatius wrote to who?
Polycarp is know for writing to who?
The Philadelphians
The letter to the Philadelphians was written by who?
In Ignatius letter to Polycarp he wrote, what was Christianities biggest threat?
Not Roman persecution, but proclaiming the wrong gospel
Who was martyred and doves came flying out of his chest?
Was Roman Persecution the Christians biggest threat?
No proclaiming the wrong Jesus...Ignatius
What unknown authored book was circulated with Hebrews and Revelation?
Shepherd of Hermes
What book was wanted by many to be put in the cannon, but was not?
Shepherd of Hermes
This book was a series of Visions about judgement and forgiveness?
Shepherd of Hermes
The Shepherd of Hermes was not chosen for the cannon but was recommended for what?
For Christians to read it,but not preach it.
The author of what book saw visions of being a bad husband and father?
Shepherd of Hermes
What book was about the judgement and forgiveness of Christ?
Shepherd of Hermes
This book talks to a jewish group that seems to be messianic?
Epistle of Barnabas
Dr Mckinions favorite Apostolic Fathers book?
Epistle of Barnabas
Epistle of Barnabas was written to teach how to read the OT by what?
Faith, not be following rules
Did the Epistle of Barnabas teach people to read the OT to follow God's Rules?
No, To read it to have life
What Apostolic writers main concern was that Christianity was the fulfillment of the law?
Epistle of Barnabas
Didache is also known as what?
The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
The Didache is known as a _______ for the church?
Church Manual
The Didache or The teaching of the twelve apostles dealt with what issues in the church?
The meaning of Baptism, Church Services, Preserving the Gospel message, moral instructions
Three goals and points of the Apostolic writers?
Not inspired work;
Saved once for all...
Preserve the apostolic faith
What writers were know as the apologists?
Diognetus, Origen, Justin Martyr, Athenagoras amd Irenaeus
Who wrote about what makes a good citizen of Rome?
Why are the Christians good citizens according to Diognetus?
Christians love their neighbor, follow the laws and take care of other citizens
Diognetus wrote about how Christians don't ________, which brings on persecution?
Worship the civic gods of Rome
What author wrote about the Roman Empire thinking that Christians were "bad citizens"?
Christians were not the only ones that were in trouble with Rome? T or F
What Apostolic Father and Apologist wrote to pagan and jewish audiences?
Justin Martyr
Justin Martyr wrote three texts, what were they?
The First Apology, The Second Apology and The Dialogue with Tripha
Who wrote The 1st Apology
Justin Martyr
Who wrote the 2nd Apology?
Justin Martyr
Who wrote the Dialogue with Tripha?
Justin Martyr
Which text by Justin Martyr taught on Baptism and how it is done?
The First Apology
Who wrote about why baptism was done in the nude?
Justin Martyr
Who wrote about baptizing in the name of the trinity?
Justin Martyr
The 1st and 2nd Apologies by Justin Martyr was written to what audience?
What text by Justin Martyr was written to the Jews?
The Dialogue with Tripha
Which Apologist quotes from Isaiah but doesn't mention that it is from Isaiah?
Justin Martyr
Which Apologist quotes from Isaiah to talk to the Jews?
Justin Martyr
Which of Justin Martyr's texts are for the pagens?
1st and 2nd Apologies
The 1st and 2nd Apologies talk about baptistm, the trinity, church meetings, the bible and ________?
Justin Martyer write in his texts to the pagens about the trinity T or F?
What apologists talks to pagans about what happens in church meetings?
Justin Martyr
Was Trypho a real character?
No, a fictional character
Justin Martyr talks about Christians being Monotheists to what group in the Dialogue of Trypha?
The Jews
That Apologist talked about the attributes of God?
Justin Martyr
Who wrote about the Hebrew Bible?
Justin Martyr
Justin Martyr wrote that the Jews were wrong about the OT and the Christians were right T or F?
Who gives a biblical theology of "The Son of God" "The Creator" and "Redeemer"?
Justin Martyr in the Dialogue of Trypha
The Lord's supper was taught by origen T or F?
False, Justin Martyr
In the dialogue with Trypha Justin Martyr discusses what verse in the OT?
Numbers 24
Who talks about "The Star rising in Jacob" being Jesus?
Justin Martyr
What book taught the church how to "do church"?
When did the Apologists write?
2nd century
What Apolgist delt with the Christians charges of Incest, Atheism, canniblism, and incest?
Athenagoras wrote what text?
A Plea Concerning the Christians
Who did Athenagoras write to?
The Emporers Marcus Arelious and Lucius Commodus
Athenagoras wrote when Christians were thought to be...?
Dangerous citizens
What Apologist set out to establish to the government leaders who the Christians are and what they stand for?
Who encourages his readers to remember the resurrection and to "do good"?
Who wrote "Against Heresies" and "Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching"?
What Apologist demonstrates from the OT the gospel message?
Who deals against assaults within the Christian community?
What book deals agianst assaults within the Christian community?
Against Heresies by Irenaeus
Who wrote against Gnosticism and Marcianism?
What two groups were assaulting Christianity within Christianity?
Gnostics and Marcianism
Dr McKinion's favorite Patristic text is?
Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching by Irenaeus
This author explains what Jesus might have said when He revealed Himself from the Scriptures?
Irenaeus in Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching
Gnosticism is based on what?
Greek Philosophy
What group talks about "infinity of good"?
What was the intermediate space between God and creation, according to the Gnostics?
What group taught the God was infinitley good?
Gnostics imposed what on the Bible?
Greek cosmology
What two beings come from greek cosmology?
Logos and Sophia
What is Gnosticism's basis?
Greek Cosmology
Christian Gnosticism teaches that ultimate salvation is what?
freeing yourself from your body so that you soul may return to heaven
Christian Gnostics believed that you will return to heaven or you will what?
Were annihilated
Who believed there was no reconciling to God?
the gnostics
Who believed that The Logos took possession of the human body to give us the pass code needed to return to heaven?
The gnostics
In Greek cosmology the mind is the what?
soul, ie the rational, eternal part of a person
Who where the 3rd century Theologians?
Tertullian, Cyprian
Who were known as the Greek Philosophers?
Clement of Alexandria and Origen
3rd Century Theologians dealt mainly with what issue?
What group was like Gnostics but sees the problem of evil?
Marcianites thought there were two Gods, T or F ?
True; Mean God OT Creator God and Good God NT
One god created the world and came to destroy it and another came to warn Noah about the evil god?
Who came to warn the people about the mean god that the jews worshipped?
Jesus came to save the people from the "Bad God" of the Jews.
Marcian like what two NT Books?
Galations and Paul's writings
Marcian cut out what books?
Matthew, MArk and John (parts that are too jewish).
Who formed a cannon book about the good God and how He came to save the people from the bad god?
Marcian formed his own cannon, T or F?
Who though oral authority was the best?
Who appealed only to the NT and not the OT for the gospel?
Was Marcian Anti-Semetic?
Yes, he cut out parts of the NT that talked about salvation for the Jews.
Who proclaimed that the heretic Marcian took the "knife to the scriptures and the Gnostics took the "pen" to them?
Tertullian claimed that ______was the authority of the Christians?
Text not Oral
Who taught that the OT and NT should be used to understand Christ?
Tertullian said don't argue with heretics b/c if they don't accept scripture, what do you have to argue with them about? T or F
Who said that the OT and the apostles, outside of this there is no authority?
Tertullian associated himself with what group?
Tertullian was around in what century?
Why did Tertullian join the Montantists
The growing immoral standards seen in Christians
After becoming a Montantist Tertullian wrote more or less work?
Who was know for ther strong ethical teaching and instruction?
The Montanists
Who may have influenced the chastity rules in Catholocism in the middle ages?
Who struggled with the goodness of marriage?
Tertullian wrote against which heretics?
Prexaes and Modalism
The Praxaes and Modalism was attacked by who?
Tertuallian uses what text to go against Modalism?
Gen 1
What heresy questions the trinity?
Who teaches people to think logically about the trinity?
Who was the first theologian to write in Latin?
Tertuallian wrote in what language?
After Latin was being written what separation occured?
The Eastern and the Western Churches
What group mis-quotes the text?
The modes of God's being is seen by what group?
He puts on the Father Hat; the Son Hat and then the Spirit Hat; where does this come from ?
T.D. Jakes is the modern day what?
What group had women who shaved their heads?
What group was seen as legalist?
Montantists had ideas that were not in the Bible but the ideas _______ what was in the Bible?
Western theology was more "legal" and the Eastern theology was more what?
Early theologians were trained in what discipline?
What church tradition influenced monastic traditions?
Which east or west had monasteries?
Which group's monastic ways were more individual then communal?
Which Church spoke greek?
Which theologians were Western?
Tertullian was from which theological tradition, east or west?
Which theologian was western in theology? Tertullian or Cyprian?
What emperor caused terrible persecution b/c the Christians would not worship Jupitor?
The Roman Empire broke during what emporer's rule?
During Dicious' rule what church allowed their members to sacrifice to Jupiter?
Who was the pastor of the Carthage church that allowed sacrifices to Jupiter?
Did the sacrifices of the Christians to Jupiter during the Dicious persecution cause trouble?
What two Christian Camps grew out of the sacrifices to Jupiter?
Novatian and Cyprians
Novations group could forgive those who denied Christ, T or F?
False Cyprian
What tradition came out of Cyprians views of repentence?
What becomes a means of the forgiveness of sins in the Middle ages?
Who wrote "On the Lapse" about Penance
Penance traditionally meant what?
after a perod of time a person showes that they have changed and can be let back into fellowship
Who wrote "On the Unity of the Catholic Church"?
Who wrote On the Unity of the Catholic church and On the Lapse?
Cyprian wrote that if the church is not bound with love, they are not the chuch? T or F?
The Gospel is love and truth...who wrote this?
Who wrote, "If you don't have the church as your mother, you don't have God as your father"?
Three types of churches were found in Carthage, what were they?
Novationist, Church with Penance and Libertines
Did the Western church have the problem of penance vs exile?
Who questioned if rebaptism should apply to those who come from the Eastern church to the western church?
who were known for the scisms in the eastern church?
Where was the center for learning in the 3rd century?
Who used Alexandria as a tool to share the gospel?
Clement of Alexandria
Who were known as the greek philosophers?
Origen and Clement of Alexandria
Clement of Alexandria spoke to the Philosophers through what?
The Bible
Who taught that God was not substance so He was unknown, therefore Jesus came to reveal God?
Clement of Alexandria
Who is the one that is revealing?
Who taught that the scriptures showed Jesus, Jesus showed God?
Clement of Alexandria
Clement of Alexandria taught the "Wisdom of God". T or F
Logos and Sophia was used to teach what by Clement of Alexandria?
The Wisdom of God
Who was charged with making Christianity Hellenistic?
Clement of Alexandria
To look for God is to look for the Son, the Son is in Jesus and to see Jesus is to look at the scriptures...who wrote this?
Clement of Alexandria
Clement of Alexandia taught that the Son of God shapes what Christians do and how they do it; T or F?
Christians lear about Jesus, then the learn about God, thus they learn how God wants them to live. Who taught this?
Clement of Alexandria
Who taught on the behavioral ethics of the Christians to the greek philosophers?
Clement of Alexandria
Christ is not only a great teacher, but He shapes the lives of His followers. Who taught this?
Clement of Alexandria
Clement of Alexandria teaches that through the reading of what, Christians learn about Jesus, God and how to live. T or F?
Clement of Alexandria teaches one them that runs through Christian teaching, what is it?
Stomateis - Knosis, knowledge of God
Who takes over the school in Alexaandria for Clement?
Who was the most influential teacher from the eastern tradition?
What was Origen's major influence on the church?
His mass of writings
Who wrote on every book of the Bible except for Revelation?
Who wrote many letters and pamphlets of CHristian literature?
Who wrote against man NOT being eternal?
Who wrote against the Greek philosophy that matter will be destroyed, therefore man cannot be eternal?
Origen taught that creation came from within God, not from nothing T or F?
Who taught that the Bible should be read in three ways?
What were the three ways that Origen said the Bible should be read?
Body - Literal/ Historical
Soul - Moral
Spiritual - Christological reading/ allegorically (real reading)
What was the real way to read the Bible according to Origen?
Spiritual - Christological
Origen wrote what two works?
Against Celsus and On First Principles
Who wrote Against Celsus and On First Principles?
What enemy of Christianity did Origen have to combat, even after the enemy died 100 years before?
What did Celsus attack in Christianity?
Hypocracy of the People; weakness b/c there were so many women; virgin birth
Origen wrote against hypocracy, weakness b/c of women members and virgin birth in what work?
Against Celsus
On First Principles was written by who?
What text was about the foundational teachings of Christianity?
On First Principles
Who wrote a long discourse on the authoritative source of the Bible to the greeks?
Origen - On First Principles
The inspiration of scripture.
Origen - On First Principles
What book of the Bible was not accepted by eastern teachers?
Origen thought that perhaps even Luke or Barnabas wrote Hebrews. T or F
Who didn't accept Revelation in the Cannon or that Hebrews was written by Paul
What century did Constantine become emperor of Rome?
4th Century
Who added Christianity to the Roman state religions?
What was in Constantines vision?
The first two letters of Christ's name.
Who wrote up the Edict of Milan?
What was the Edict of Milan
What Constantine wrote up to stop CHristian Persecution
Did Constantine just worship Jesus?
Who was the so-called high-priest of the Christians?
Did Rome become a Christian Empire?
When did the great building start for the Christians
with Constantine
When did the church stop leading people through the cathecuminin?
After Constantine made Christianity the state relig
When did the church start looking like the culture around it?
4th century and constantine after the Edict of Milan
The paster began to wear prietly robes, processions and choirs came about when?
When Constantine became a "Christian" and made Christianity a state religion
The pagan religions brought about genuflection kneeling and communion as a sacrifice. T or F
Who began to call pasters priests?
The pagan converts after constintine
Did all christians like Constantine's changes?
Who thought that the millennial kingdom of God was starting on earth?
What were the three reactions to the Constintine change?
When did the Donatists rise in the Roman church?
When Constantine got involved in the church
Who believed that the church should be a pure body and not mixed with paganism?
Who thought that for the sacraments to be holy the priest must be holy and pure?
Where the Donatists from the High Class or the Low Class?
Were the Donatists thought of as being schismatics?
Who thought the roman church was becoming proud and not humble like it should be?
Monastisism started because of Constantine? T or F
A group of people that broke away from the Catholic church when Constantine got involved.