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A command that causes C# to do something.
declaration statement
A statement that creates a variable used to store data.
expression statement
A statement that performs calculations.
if-then statement
A statement that executes other statements, based on particular conditions being met.
for, while or do statement
A statement that executes a group of statements one or more times.
white space
One or more consecutive spaces, tabs or line breaks.
A group of one or more statements that are enclosed in braces, beginning with a opening brace ({) and ending with a closing brace (}).
A word that you make up to refer to a C# programming element by name.
Text that provides explanations of your code.
single-line comment
A comment that begins with the sequence // and ends at the end of the line.
delimited comment
A comment that spans multiple lines so it begins with the sequence /* and ends with the sequence */.
Code that defines the behavior of an object.
An instance of a class.
instance variable
A variable that any method in a class can access.