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Can we meet at the swimming pool gate?
汤姆: 在游泳池门口好吗?
Is tomorrow going to be really hot?
安娜: 明天热不热?
The weather forecast says tomorrow is going to be very hot.
汤姆: 气象预报说非常热。
What will be tomorrow's high?
安娜: 最高温度几度?
35 degrees C
汤姆: 三十五度。
Do you have free time tomorrow?
安娜: 你明天有空吗?
Free time
you kong
or yes
汤姆: 有空。
Would you like to go swimming tomorrow?
安娜: 明天去游泳好吗?
Good idea.
汤姆: 好主意。
Where should we meet?
安娜: 我们在哪儿见面?
Would you like to meet at the swimming pool gate?
汤姆: 在游泳池门口好吗?
OK. What time should we meet?
安娜: 好的。什么时候见面?
4:15 in the afternoon, it that ok?
汤姆: 下午四点十五分可以吗?
OK. See you tomorrow.
汤姆: 明天见!
See you tomorrow
汤姆: 明天见!