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What is GCCI and what are the benefits to its members?
A program that encourages customer loyalty through rewards redeemable to its members. It is a necessity in this market, especially when going after the business traveler. It generates about an $18 to 1 Return on Investment.
What can I use my points for?
Free nights at BW Hotels, merchandise, restaurant, discounts at major retailers among others.
What alternative do I have to collecting GCCI points?
Miles on frequent flyer programs of participating airlines.
How many points are your guests awarded?
10 points per dollar spent in room revenue on eligible rates. AAA members get an additional 10% bonus points.
How many miles are your guest awarded
250 miles minimum per stay.
How many points are required for a free room here tonight?
16,000 off season, 28,000 in season.
How many points do I have?
How much does it cost to join Gcci?
How can a guest enroll in GCCI?
fill out a paper application, have a desk clerk fill out an e-application, or enroll at
When can guests start earning points/miles?
Immediately, upon enrollment
How many days after a uest checks out do you have to input their points into member web?
7 days
What are the elite levels for GCCI?
Gold, Platinum, Diamond
What special privelages do they recieve?
Early Check In / Late Check Out / Free Room Upgrade (when available)
What is a TravelCard and what are its benefits?
A stored-value card (gift card) that can be used in place of cash for stays at BW worldwide
Where can I obtain a TravelCard?
BW properties, Walgreens, Wal-Mart,
How much may I purchase a TravelCard for initially?
any denomination from $25-1000.
What purchases may I make with a travelcard?
any hotel-related charges that appear on a guest folio.
Is a TravelCard transferable?
Is there an expiration date on my TravelCard?
No. TravelCards do not expire unless they are promotional.
What is the balance?