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Which muscle comprises the UES?
Which part of the stomach are parietal and chief-cells located?
Body (aka corpus)
Which HORMONE is released in response to low pH, inhibits gastric emptying by decreasing antral contraction, increase pyloric sphincter contraction, and increase Bicarb secretion from pancreas?
Which region of stomach are G-cell located?
Antrum (They secretes gastrin)

G-cell = Gastrin
How long is the transit time in small GI?
2-4 hours
How long is the transit time in the large GI?
3-4 days
Which HORMONE causes contraction of GI smooth muscles, regulate motility, and prepares intestine for next meal?
What is the MAIN function of HCl in the stomach?
Convert pepsinogen to pepsin
Which HORMONES increases GI secretion of electrolytes and H2O, relaxes smooth muscles, dilates peripheral vessels, and inhibits gastric secretion?
VIP (vasoactive intestinal peptide)

- opposes secretin and motilin
Which gland produces serous salivary secretion and all of amylases secretion?
Parotid gland