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Defamation in writing or other permanent(digital recording)p 115
Publicly hurting a person's good reputation. p 115
False Imprisonment
Intentional confinement of restraint of another person's activities w/o justification. p 115
-Physically harming someone.
-Can just be offensive(unwanted kiss/touch)
-Includes anything attached to the person. p 114
Cyber Tort
tort committed via the internet. p 113
Person commited the tort. p 113
4 types of slander per se
A statement that a person:
-Has a disease
-Committed a crime
-Is unchaste
-Committed improprieties while engaging in a profession/trade. p 116
What is the purpose of Tort Law? What does it cover?
-To give royalties to a person who has had their interests invaded.
-Physical injury
-Family relations
-Dignity. p 113
What needs to happen for it to be slander/libel?
a third party must hear/read it. p 116
Defamation in oral form(talk). p115
4 defenses to Assult/Battery
-Self Defense
-Defense of others
-Defense of property(doesn't justify killing someone) p 114
wrongful action. p 112
Intentional Act that creates fear or apprehension in a person. p 114
Business Tort
a Tort committed in the business world. p 113
Capable of serving as the ground for a lawsuit. p 115
What is needed in order to get compensation?
-Only the intent to bring about the harmful contact to the plaintiff. p114
In tort law, what is "intent"?
just that the person meant for the consequences to happen. (pushing someone, even in good intention, is an intentional tort)p 113
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Intentional act that amounts to extreme & outrageous conduct resulting in severe emotional distress to another. p 115
Actual Malice
Statement about a public figure with knowledge of falsity, or with a reckless disregard of the truth. p 117
4 acts that Qualify as invasion of privacy
-Use of name/pic/etc for commercial purposes
-Intrusion into one's affairs
-Disclosure of private facts
-Publication of info that puts a person in a false light. p 117
the use of someone's name, likeness, or other identifying characteristic w/o their approval. p 118
5 things that are included in fradulent Misrepresentation
-the misrepresentation of facts w/ knowledge that they are false
-intent to induce another to rely on the misrepresentations
-Justifiable reliance by the deceived party
-Damages suffered as a result of the reliance
-casual connection between the misrepresentation and the injury suffered. p 118
"seller's talk" or exaggerated claims..."i am the best accountant in town" p 118
Wrongful Interference with a Contractual Relationship.(3 things)
-a valid contract between two parties
-a 3rd party must know about the contract
-that party must intentually cause either of the two parties to breah the contract. p 119
Wrongful Interference with a Business Relationship
-you cannot solicit another store's customers for your own gain. p 119
Real Property
land and all things permanently attached to it. p 120
Personal Property
moveable items
-furnature,money, stocks, bonds,etc. p 120
Defenses against Trespass to Land
-show that the trespass was warranted (ex. to help someone)
-show that he/she had a license (ex. electric meter reader) p 121
When personal property is wrongfully taken from its rightful owner and placed in the service of another. p 122
What tort normally occurs when Conversion is committed?
Trespass to personal property. p 122
Disparagement of Property
when economically injurious falsehoods are made about another's product or property. p 122
Slander of Quality
Publication of false info about another's product, alleging that it is not what the seller claims. p 123
Slander of Title
-Knowingly publishing an untrue statement about property with the intent of discouraging a 3rd party from dealing with that person.
-Cast doubt on another's legal ownership of any property. p 123
when someone suffers injury because of another's failure to live up to a required duty of care. p 123
What 4 questions should be asked when determining negligence?
-Did the defendant owe a duty of care to the plaintiff?
-Did the defendant breach that duty?
-Did the plaintiff suffer a legally recognizable injury as a result of the defendant's breach of the duty of care
-did the defendant's breach cause the plaintiff's injury