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One of the purposes of punitive damages is to
A. deter the defendant from similar conduct in the future.
B. punish the defendant.
C. set an example for others.
Laws that a reasonable person could not understand and be able to comply with are usually
declared void for vagueness.
Which of the following would not be considered unprotected speech?
political speech
Which clause prohibits the government from enacting laws that unduly discriminate in favor of their own residents?
the Privileges and Immunities Clause
Intrastate refers to
commerce that occurs within a state.
What was the traditional role of government in regulating commerce?
It regulated only trade that moved within a state.
States that discriminate against residents of other states may be a violation of
the Privileges and Immunities Clause.
Under which standard of review for equal protection cases is only a justifiable reason for the law trying to be enacted needed?
strict scrutiny
Which clause of the constitution prevents the government from making laws that inhibit or prohibit people from participating in or practicing their chosen religion?
the Religious Freedom Clause
Both federal and state law prevail concurrently.
federal law