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we must not usually base our decisions on emotions but on:
reason of making ethical decisions
deciding what is right or wrong action in a reasoned, impartial manner
idea that the same ethicalk standards apply to everyone
in _______ rightness or wrongess is based only on results of an action
consequential ethical reasoning
laws reflecting desires of majority may still be
consequence and rule based reasoning reach same conclusion for
almost all ethical reasoning
person who does not respect the law
a consistent rule to ensure order in a predictability does not need to be
completly fair
to involve ethics a desision must effect you or orhters in
some significant way
steps in consequential reasoning
(not does include universalizing)
1. describe alternative actions that would improve things
2. describe the consequences flowing from each alternative
3. the consequences for each alternative must be evaluated
when dealing with institutions being impartial means
considoring how people behind instituions are affected by our actions
standard for judging right and wrong
the good
mental test to identify illogical actions
in fundamental ethical rules the standard from judging comes from
a recognized authority or human reasoning
rules based ethics is most reflected in our legal system through
court decisions
consequential ethics is most relected in our legal system through
majority rule
we are obligated to obey the law but not because
it is always in our aself interest to do so
the acts themselves are judged as right or wrong
rule based ethics
firm determines the price and output level that returns the greatest profit
profit mnaximazation