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recieving stolen property
buying or reciceving stolen property with the intent to deprive rightful owner of it possesion. Consists of recieving, buying,concealing stolen property that you know or suspect to be stolen. Not a defense to say you did not know it was stolen.
larceny through false pretenses
obtaining propety by misrepresnting a past or existing fact. Victim parts with the money or property voluntarly.
an unlawful agreement between 2 or more persons to act together to commit an unlawful or criminal act. The act doesnt need to be carried out to be conspiracy
knowingly making a false statement underoath in a courtroom. Also in document that is notarized.But if you make a flase statement underoath that u truly believe is true not purjury.
computer crimes
unlawfully creating, deleting or altering info stored in a computer with the intent to decieve. Is a crime even if nothin is changed.
falsely making o altering any documents with legal purpose with the intent to decieve. Also includes pretending to be someone else of same name with intent to decieve.
contempt of court
failure to comply with an order of a court. Obstucts justice
alcohol level in blodd at.08 or higher and you drive. 1st offense misdemeanor. If you kill someone its invluntary manslaughter
sex offenses
rape- punishment varys by state used to be limited to, a male forced a female to ave sexual intercours, male had sexual intercourse
statutory rape
having sexual experience. Victim is under age, female or male may be willing or unwilling. Minor can be prosecuted for ahving sex with another minor.
sexual assault
unwanted sexual discussion, remarks,jokes. Unwanted touching.
sexual discrimination
demand sexual favore in return for promotions, bonunouses, extra benefits
abnormal sexual activity. Maybe between people of the same sex. Maybe between person and animal.
adeliberate misrepresentation of a materical fact. A fact upon which someone relies to make a desion to act
attempt to commit crimes
an attempt to commit a crime. Even if it fails it is a crime. Defined as an act done with intent to commit a crime but falls short of completion.