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The production department of your business makes and packages the products you sell
The cost of the goods that you use to produce the item
direct material cost
includes the wages paid to the employees who make the item
direct labor cost
The total of the direct material cost and the direct labor cost
prime cost
This determines how many units of a product must be made and sold to cover production expenses.
break-even analysis
This shows you the point where income from sales equals the cost of production
break-even point
The primary goal for any business
include rent, salaries, and other costs that are not changed by the number units produced.
fixed costs
Include the cost of raw materials, the cost of pachaging, and any other costs that vary directly with the number of units produced
variable costs
Checks the items that are manufactured
quality control
If the size of the item is incorrect or if the item is broken or damaged
Shows the percent of defective products that is allowable
quality control chart
This determines how long a particular job should take
time study
Placing the product in a container for shipment.