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Ga Stands for:
Gain attention
GA: In requesting favors, begin with a ___, unexpected __, ___, ___ benefit, summary of ___, or candid plea for __.
compliment, fact, question, reader, problem, help
Build interest
Reduce resistance
Motivate action
GA: For claims, consider opening with a review of __ you have taken to resolve the __.
action, problem
BI: Prove the accuracy and merit of your request with __, ___, ___ opinion, __, and details.
facts, figures, expert,examples
BI: Avoid sounding __-__, __, __. Suggest __ and indirect benefits for the ___.
high-pressured, angry, or emotional
direct, reciever
RR: Identify possible __; offer ___ arguments. Demonstrate credibility by being ___.
obstacles, counter, knowledgeable
RR: In requesting favors or making recommendations, show how the receiver or others will ___.
MA: Ask for specific ___ confidently. Include an __ date, if appropriate. Repeat a __ __. Close with repetition of __ selling point and clear __ for easy action.
action, end, key benefit, central, instructions
MA: Prompt reader to act __ with a __, __ offer, or deadline. Put strongest motivator in ___.
immediately, incentive, limited, postscript
Complaint Letters:
Begin with a ___, point of agreement, __ of the problem, or brief review of the __ taken to resolve the problem.
Provide ___ data. Prove claim is ___; explain why the receiver is __.
compliment, statement, action, identifying, valid, responsible
Enclose copies of __ supporting claim. Appeal to the receiver’s fairness, __ and __ responsibilities, and desire for customer satisfaction. Describe feelings and __.
documents, ethical, legal, disappointment
Avoid sounding __, emotional, or irrational. __ by telling exactly what you want __.
angry, Close, done
BU – neutral or positive opening that does not reveal __.
BUFFER, bad news,
RE – an explanation of __ for the bad news
REASONS, causes
BA – a clear but understated ___ of the bad news, may include alternative or __
BAD NEWS, announcement, compromise
CL – a personalizing, forward-looking, ___ statement
CLOSE, pleasant
Avoid 3 Legal Action Causes: __ & __ language, __-__ syndrom
Abusive, Careless, Good-Guy
3 Buffer Tips:
1. ___, show appreciation, or refer to something mutually understood.
2. Provide good news if possible but avoid raising false ___ or the receiver for something you are about to refuse.
3. Discuss __ leading to the reasons section.
compliment, false, thanking, facts
3 Reason Tips:
1. __/__ why the request must be denied, without revealing refusal.
2. Avoid __ (unfortunately, impossible) or blaming, or ___ behind company polict.
3. Show how decision __ receiver or others. __ if appropriate.
1. Explain/ Justify
2. negativity, hiding,
3. benefits, resale
3 Bad News Tips:
1. Soften by: __ it (although..wish you well), __ voice, embedding in __ sentence or paragraph.
2. Consider ___ refusal, be certain it is clear & explain clearly.
3. Suggest an __, if one exists.
1.Subordinating, passive, long
2. Implying
3. alternative
3 Tips Closing:
1. Supply more ___ about alternative, if offered.
2. Look forward to __ relations. Offer good __ and compliments.
3. Avoid referring to the __. End postive note.
1. info,
2. future,wishes
3. refusal
Goals in Bad News Messages:
1. __: Make reader understand and accept
2. Positive __: Promote and maintain good image of the writer
3. __ Clarity: Make message so clear additional correspondence is unnecessary
4. __: Avoid legal liability
Acceptance, Image, Message, Protection