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intrinsic reward
personal satifaction when u perform well
extrinsic reward
reward from others when u do well
scientific management
studying workers to find mst effiecnt ways to do things
principle of motion economy
a theory that evry job can b broken down into simple motions
hawthorne effect
ppl act diferent when they know they r being watched
maslows hierarchy of needs
ppl cnt work well w/ unmet needs
theory x
workers dont like work and try to avoid it. like 2 b controlled, dont like responsiblilty. must b intimidated
theory y
workers see work as natural, perfer limited control and responability. dnt like intimidation and are motivated by dif needs
theory z
workers like contol, trust decision making. want secure emplyement and dont mind waiting for promotions
job enlargement
putting a bunch of tasks together into one large challenging assignment
functions of a manager