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Assume (V)
Assumption (N)

assume responsibility for smthg
to take up/in
to take as true
Base (V)
Basis (N)
the fundamental (main) part of smthg
Basic (Adj)
Basically (Adv)

based on
acting as the basis or starting point

Fundamental (syn)
Colleague (N)
an associate in a profession.

Co-worker (syn)
Convince (V)
(Un)convincing (Adj)

he was convinced that
to overcome by arguement

"convinced himself that she was all right" -- William Faulkner
"something I could never convince him to read" -- John Lahr
Cooperate (V)
Cooperation (N)
Cooperative (Adj)
Cooperatively (Adv)

in cooperation with
ability to work with others
Curiosity (N)
Curious (Adj)
Curiously (Adv)

curiosity killed the cat
a desire (want) to investigate or learn about smthg
Data (N)

relevant data
data processing
factual information (as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning
Deserve (V)
to be worthy of

Merit (syn)
Determine (V)
Determination (N)
Determined (Adj)

determine to
the act of deciding smthg definitely and firmly (100%)
(Re)Evaluate (V)
(Re)Evaluation (N)
Evaluative (N)

evaluate the progress
to determine how much better smthg has/has not become

Estimate (syn)
Evidence (N)
Evident (Adj)
Evidently (Adv)

the evidence of
you can see the proof for why smthg is true
"an evident fondness for sweets."
Generlize (V)
Generalization (N)
to make statements, which are unclear
Ignore (V)
Ignorance (N)
Ignorant (Adj)

(to be or to remain) ignorant of smthg.
to refuse to take notice of

lack of knowledge
Instance (N)

for instance
the first instance
a step or stage in a process.

to give an example
Itelligence (N)
(Un)Intelligent (Adj)
Intelligently (Adv)
the ability to learn or understand smthg
Issue (V)/(N)
smthg that is disputed by two or more people.
Market(ing) (N)
To sell smthg to smne at a specified place.

The farmer sold his vegetables at the farmer's market. His marketing strategy was to sell them at unbelievable prices.
to sell (syn)
Parental (N)/(Adv)
smthg or smne who acts like a parent.

<My teacher is very parental>
Promote (V)
Promotion (N)
Promoted (Adj)
to contribute to the growth of smthg
Puzzle (N)/(V)
a problem to difficult to resolve.
mental challenge.
Rival (N)
Rivalry (N)
one or two people who want to achieve smthg before smne else.
Sample (N)
a piece or single part of a larger part.
(Dis)Satisify (V)
(Dis)Satisifaction (N)
Satisfactory (Adj)
to (not) make smne happy.

Adequate (syn)
To please (syn)
Signify (V)
Significance (N)
(In)Significant (Adj)

the significance of
the quality of being important
Theory (N)
Theorist (N)
Theoretical (Adj)
Theoretically (Adv)
a belief or course of action which is followed because it is beleived to be true

<her method is based on the theory that all children want to learn>