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Process of getting detailed information about jobs
- What, where, how, when, why, under what conditions
- “The building block of everything personnel does”
Purpose of Job Analysis
Generate two types of information
- job specifications (ksaos)
- job descriptions (task, responsibilities)
Why should you use job analysis when performing a restructuring/merger?
- Provides a systematic basis for comparing the content of jobs that existed in separate companies
- Helps to identify redundant jobs
Why should you use Job Analysis with recruitment?
- Helps identify KSAOs needed for a job
- Help differentiate strategic jobs
Why should you use Job Analysis with training/career development?
- identifies task to make sure training is effective
- helps to match individual skills with job requirements
Why should you use job analysis with performance appraisals?
- helps to identify results and behaviors that effective performance
Why should you use job analysis with job evaluation?
- helps to assess dollar value for jobs
A-B-Cs of Job Differentiation
A Positions - Strategic
B Positions - Support
C Positions - Surplus
What are A Positions?
- have direct strategic impact
- autonomous decision making
- creates value
What are B Positions?
- Indirect SI or potential SI with low performance variability
- moderate autonomy
- supports A positions
What are C Positions?
- maybe required for firm, generally low SI
- have little authority and easily replacable
What are potential sources of information?
Subject Matter Expert
- job incumbent, supervisor, job analyst, supervisor level 2, customers
What are the two approaches to Job Analysis
- Work Oriented
- Task Oriented
What are some methods of Job Analysis data?
Observation, Interview, critical incidences
What are core competencies
- knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors (KSA...Bs) people need to be effective and fit the organizations's needs
What did P&G define as Key Success Drivers?
- think and act decisively
- innovate and reapply (create and continously improve)
- Lead
- Builds diverse collaborative relationships
What does Lockheed Martin define as full spectrum leadership?
- Shape the future
- Build effective relationships
- Energize the team
- Deliver Results
- Model Personal Excellence
How do you create a growth culture?
- communicate externally
- communicate internally
- train employees
- use assessment tools
- use measurements, rewards